Disk space to store files and data has been a very important aspect of our routine. Lots of pictures, videos, movies and songs, everything we love occupy a lot of space (increase phone memory with this simple trick) and we need to store them for a long long time. We have HDD’s to support our needs and the storage capacity has been on the rise ever since. Recently, SSD’s have also entered into the market, which gives you a lot more speed to transfer files easily, and also with bigger storage capacity. You can understand what an SSD and HDD in this article, in case if you don’t know. Intex is about to launch 10 TB SSDs as soon as possible (in 2 years from now, as stated). Did you just see that? 10 TB SSDs sounds more than awesome for me. Okay, let us now get into the details.

What Is SSD?

We are talking about 10 TB SSD but let me ask you a question, do you know what a SSD is? SSD stands for solid-state drive or solid-state disk. The interesting thing to note here is that, SSD neither has a drive nor a disk! Then how does a SSD work? SSD uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory. This is where they store the data.

What Is The Difference Between SDD And HDD?

Let us study the differences between SDD and HDD.

SDD (for Solid-State Disk or Solid-State Drive)HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
SSD uses NAND flash memory to store data. The data is stored in cells.HDD uses a disk to store the data. The data is stored in disk via magnetism.
It has less storage capacity.It has more storage capacity.
Fragmentation isn’t an issue.Fragmentation becomes an issue.
The models for SDDs are 2.5”.


The models for HDDs are 2.5” or 3.5”.

The high-end HDD has a capacity of 8 TB while the highest capacity of SDD till now is 4TB. Surely, Intex is now determined to break the record by launching the 10 TB SSD.

Why Are SSDs Better Than HDDs?

Are you wondering why SSDs are better than HDDs? There are many reasons behind this. I have listed few of the reasons below:-

  • They are durable as they don’t have any moving parts.
  • They are shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms.
  • SSDs are faster.
  • They provide good gaming experience.
  • They are reliable.
  • They use less power.
  • They are light weighted.
  • SSDs are silent.

And guess what? SSDs look cool! They doesn’t look bulky. They have a very elegant and stylish look.

Welcome The 10 TB SSDs By Intex!

Intel 10 TB SSDs

Intex has joined hands with Micron to launch the 10 TB SSD. We all know that as the storage capacity increases, the price of the storage device also increases. The thing that we would like to know is the price of the 10 TB SSDs to be launched by Intex.

The partner of Intex, Micron till now has produced 3D NAND flash for the company. But now, it has taken a step forward to give the world a better storage device.

3D NAND flash is used in SSD to increase its storage capacity. It has the potential to increase the capacity of a storage device by three folds.

Digging Deep On 10 TB SSDs By Intex

As I have mentioned above, the largest capacity of SSD till now was 4TB. But now things have changed.  Thanks to Micron’s 3D NAND chip that has increased the storage capacity of SSD by around three times.

Micron was previously engaged in producing flash that was used in the SSDs of Intex. The manufacturing of 3D NAND flash by Micron is a recent procedure. It has also started distributing its 3D NAND flash chips vigorously.

3D NAND memory chips
NAND Memory Chips

Let me also tell you that Micron is not the company that has used 3D NAND for the first time. The 3D NAND technique has already been used by companies like Samsung and Toshiba to improve its storage capacity. The production method used by the Micron to produce 3D NAND differs from the techniques used by other companies.

HDDS are popular than SSDs. The simple reason behind this is the high price of SSD.

SSDs are better than HDDs by most of the most ways, the only element that is proving as a hindrance to its commercial distribution is the price. With a storage capacity of 10 TB, it won’t be a surprise if Intex tags a high price for its device. It will be worth knowing the price of the 10TB SSD to be launched by Intex.

If the device proves to be cost-effective by being in the range of competitive price, people will go gaga about the new 10 TB SSDs to be launched by Intex. Apart from the storage capacity of the device, no more information is available about it. Even the date of the launch isn’t available.

We will need to wait for an official announcement by Intex for further information. Till then, drop your views about the pricing of this SSD. What are your expectations from this latest move in the world of technology? Keep checking the space for more updated information on the 10 TB SSD by Intex! Also do Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.