WhatsApp is the only social networking app which  millions of users use. Its a fact that there is no advertisement or promotional techniques used for this app to promote it. It simply got its 1st place in the store in no time. Unlike the Facebook or Twitter WhatsApp is just an app that connects people using their mobile numbers. This is all fine and we know all this, but people who doesn’t have smartphones cannot use WhatsApp? They can, using Bluestacks. In this I will tell you how to install whatsapp on pc. All you need to do is to get Bluestacks installed on your computer. It is important to know a bit on Bluestacks before you install it on your PC. Make sure you have an idea of what it does. To see the details of Bluestacks, CLICK HERE.


To have WhatsApp installed on your PC, you should have Bluestacks already installed on your PC. But as I have already discussed in the link I’ve provided above, Bluestacks installation needs Graphic card. It is a heavy program and has some requirements like 2GB RAM and Graphic card support. If your PC or Laptop doesn’t meet these requirements, you might find an error “Bluestacks error 25000”. But there’s an alternative you have to skip this error and fortunately it’s simple. You just need to download the edited version of Bluestacks. CLICK HERE to download the edited version.


As you’ve installed Bluestacks now, you are just a step away to install WhatsApp on PC. All you need to do is search it and install. Let me be little clear. Once you’ve done with installing Bluestacks on your PC, open it and you will find a screen similar to this.

install whatsapp on pcAfter you get a screen similar to this, you wouldn’t find Play Store to install Whatsapp. All you need to do is, Go to the search bar and search for “WhatsApp” . You will see the results and click on Install. You can simply follow the instructions from there and will soon have WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop.

install whatsapp on pc

Enjoy using WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop without having Graphic Card. Connect with your loved one’s. Thank you.