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The modern world today is so obsessed with Smart phones. With the number of increasing users of smart phones, there are also several applications being developed by the developers. One among those applications is Truecaller. Truecaller is used to identify the names of a person from unknown number. Spamming is what we see a lot these days and to identify and block spam calls, Truecaller has been developed. But, could you access it only through your smartphone? Give it a rest to that thought. Now you can also install Truecaller app for PC, totally free. In this article here, we would see on the specifications and the process to Install Truecaller app for PC for Windows 8, 7 & XP.

Detailed Info On Truecaller

As the number of mobile users are increasing day by day, there are also some chances where you might be getting a call or a message from an unknown number. What would you do if you ever fell in that situation? The option you had before Truecaller was, you either call them or send a text asking who that is. But, if it is a fake call or a spam call, all you get is irritation. To avoid this situation, Truecaller stands the best to know on the details, by just entering the number.

To find the name of an unknown number, all you need to do is, install Truecaller on your phone and search for the number. If the number is not new and is already recognized, you get a name. We also have an option to notify Truecaller on the name of a number (if you know), if it didn’t recognize. This can help others to find out the name of the person using that particular number.

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Specifications Of Truecaller

Truecaller app has specific features that you can make use of. Some among them are mentioned below.

  • Truecaller maintains a huge directory that can be also accessed over the web on its website that contains the details of Name & Region.
  • Truecaller identifies and keeps in update with the social networking sites that are synced to your mobile phone, to get the apt details of name and region.
  • Truecaller is available on Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows OS.
  • The details of the users are never made public and are kept private. No one could ever get phone numbers by just searching the name. For that, one must be a premium user of Truecaller. Premium users can request people for their mobile numbers & if they accept the request, you can get the contact details.
  • To access the Truecaller app, you must have either 2G, 3G or WiFi connection turned on.

Process To Install Truecaller App For PC

You can avail all the features of Truecaller on PC by installing Truecaller app for PC in 5 easy and simple steps.

  • In the first step, download one of the Android emulators to run Android interface on your PC or Laptop. Bluestacks is one of the most used Android Emulators.
  • Install and enter your mail details in order to sync your account to PlayStore.
  • Search for Truecaller, similar to the way you search in your Android device.

truecaller for pc

  • Install Truecaller App for PC and run it.
  • Enter your details on the app and that’s it. You’re done.

Bluestacks was mentioned above, as one of the most used Android emulators. But there are also few problems caused by Bluestacks. To avoid the problems caused by Bluestacks, there are also many other Android emulators to run the applications on PC or Laptop. Try one of these Top 4 Bluestacks Alternatives to install Truecaller app for PC. Enjoy the services of Truecaller for PC. Do not forget to subscribe to Interest Waypoint below. Thank You.

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