Hello Geeks. This is one among those articles that I have been trying to complete for quite some time. At last, here I am today. A complete guide to ROOT your Micromax Canvas 4 and Install MIUI Custom ROM On Micromax Canvas 4 A210. This guide helps you change the look of your Canvas 4 into the popular Chinese MI user interface. If you’re one among those who love MI, then its time to experience MIUI on your Canvas 4. Before getting into the guide to ROOT and Flash custom ROM, have a precise knowledge on what rooting actually is.

Rooting helps you to make any modifications to your smart phone. It helps you experience the real taste of Android. You would be able to modify your phone completely if you have good knowledge on how it actually works. Get some information on rooting so that you have an idea of how it actually helps you use your device to the fullest.

Best Custom ROM’s For Canvas 4

There are many custom ROM’s currently available that supports Canvas 4. If you are really bored of using the Vanilla Android style interface and are looking for a change in the looks and performance, I suggest you to flash ROM’s like FunTouch OS, Color OS, Lewa OS or MIUI V5. These ROMS are worth a try because they are pretty good in looks, features and the interface really changes the way things used to be before. All of these Custom ROM’s have their own featues and interfaces developed by various developers. Color OS is actually developed by Chinese company Oppo. Unlike Color OS, MIUI is developed by another china manufacturer ‘Xiaomi‘. Various developers over the world produce ports for various phones so that people can use them on their phones for free. MIUI holds a better share in performance and features but every ROM is worth trying atleast once when you get bored.

Features of MIUI Custom ROM

1. Simple but powerful MIUI OS
2. Highly customized Android
3. This ROM uses Stock Kernel. So probably no bugs.
4. Pre-Rooted
5. 3G Working on both Sims
6. New Boot Animation and Boot Logo designed by NeroD
7. Unlock phone using volume buttons
8. Android Lollipop Keyboard
9. Fully zip aligned and signed
10. Only 322.98 MB in size
11. Aroma Installer available
12. Init.d Support
13. Heavily Tweaked –
* Network Tweaks
* WiFi Tweaks
* GPS Tweaks
* Photo and Video Recording Tweaks
* Internet Surfing and Media Streaming Tweaks
* Google DNS Tweak
* Flash Tweak
* Renders UI with GPU
* Smooth Touchscreen Sensitivity and Super-Responsive
* Power Saving Tweaks
* Dalvik Tweaks
* Increased SD-Card speed tweak

14. Focused for performance

15. Good memory management.

16. If you’re a heavy gamer, then is the best ROM for you to play without lags.

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While you’re flashing any custom ROM, make sure that your device is rooted. Go through the following steps to root your phone.

 Steps To Root Your Phone

Step 1: Goto Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging mode and Check (tick) it. Now go back to Security and check “Unknown Sources”. By doing this your device will be set for installing 3rd party apps and connecting to the PC using device drivers.

Step 2: On your PC, Download and install ‘SRS root’ and connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 3: Now click on “ROOT” button in SRS root application and you will see your device rebooted after a couple of seconds. You should find an app named “SuperSU” or “Super User” installed. This is a sign that your device is rooted and you’re now free to change your ROM.

There are also few cases where the above process might fail. But do not worry, as there is no harm to your phone. If the above process fails, try this alternate process.

Alternate Process To ROOT Your Phone

Step 1: Goto Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging mode and check it. Now go back to Security and check “Unknown Sources”. By doing this your device will be set for installing 3rd party apps and connecting to the PC using device drivers.

Step 2: Connect your device to PC/laptop. The drivers will be installed automatically.

Step 3: Download ‘Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v31’  and unzip them in a folder.

Step 4: Open the extracted folder and Click RunMe.bat.

Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions carefully. When you see Please Enter a valid number type 1 and press Enter.

Step 6: Your device will reboot during the process after which you can find SuperSu application/icon in your app drawer.

With that, you’re done rooting your phone!


Rooting voids warranty. However, you can unroot your phone whenever you want and also can install stock ROM again. During ROOTING, there will not be any loss of data.

Here are a few screenshots of MIUI Custom ROM on Micromax Canvas 4.

install MIUI Custom ROM on micromax canvas 4


MIUI Custom ROM on Canvas 4

Guide To Install MIUI Custom ROM On Micromax Canvas 4 A210

Now follow these simple steps to install MIUI Custom ROM on your Micromax Canvas 4 A210.

Warning Before Flashing

We won’t take any pain of yours if you bricked your phone. Do this at your own risk. Keeping battery charged to 100% is recommended before flashing. There might be some minor bugs in some ROMs, so beware of existing Bugs in the ROM before flashing. In case of MIUI, there are no bugs encountered for me in my daily usage (I personally use this on my Canvas 4). But there are chances that you might find some. In case, if you wanted to revert back to the Canvas 4 Stock ROM, you can easily do that too.

Steps To Install MIUI Custom ROM On Micromax Canvas 4

Step 1: Download MIUI Custom ROM & Recovery file. [sociallocker] Download MIUI Custom ROM and Recovery file.  [/sociallocker] After downloading, transfer those files to your SD card or Internal memory.

Step 2: Install app named “Mobile Uncle tool”. Open it and give root permissions.

Step 3: Now goto ‘Recovery Update’, choose recovery.img you moved to your phone in previous step and now your device should reboot into custom recovery.

Step 4: In recovery, goto Back-Up & Restore and take a full backup of your current ROM.

Step 5: Now, Wipe Dalvik cache, cache partition, data and Factory reset.

Step 6: After all the above steps are done, goto ‘Install from SDcard’ and choose the ROM.zip file and confirm it in the next screen.

Step 7: Once it shows “Installed successfully”, reboot your device and you should see MIUI running on your Canvas 4.

That’s it. Simply done to experience the bug-free, fast and reliable MIUI custom ROM on Canvas 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to enable root in MIUI?
Ans. Go to the Security app, open it and you will find ‘Permission’. Click on the Root permission check box. Done! You are a Superuser now.

Q2. Xposed modules are not working on the ROM.
Ans. Since MIUI is different from other Android ROMs, it does not support Xposed modules. Instead you can use WSM Tools.By this you can use the Xposed modules which are supported by WSM Tools. Beware, trying to use Xposed in this ROM may Softbrick your phone. So use WSM tools.

Q3. Notification light not working?
Ans. Since ROM is a port form Canvas HD, you need to select only Yellow and Red for notifications from the settings menu as Canvas HD supports only these 2 colors.
Q4. Cannot switch back to USB mode after using MTP mode?
Ans. If you accidently switched to MTP and want to go back to USB then you have to re-install the ROM. We can’t do anything for this except to wait for the bug to fix by the developers.

Hope this guide helps you to install MIUI Custom ROM on Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Smartphone. If you are struck anywhere while doing this process, feel free to comment below! We are always here to help you out 🙂 HAPPY FLASHING!! Find a minute to Subscribe to Interest Waypoint if you like our work. Thank You 🙂


  1. Recovery File can’t download. It says “Error (429)
    This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”
    Please active it…!!!

  2. Hi Ravi, This is Satya again. I am using this rom since last four months and it is working fine and so far the best ROM i would say. But I have one query regarding camera. It is showing 8MP instead of 13MP. how to correct this?

    • Didn’t experience this issue either Satya. I guess you have unknowingly changed some settings in the Camera. Do check it once and hopefully, the issue might be sorted out 🙂

  3. Hi Ravi,

    I am having same issue like Jithin. Even for small apps download it says wlan required. Jithin solved this by clearing limit setting in mi store. But I don’t have any app like mi store. All I have is mi cloud after installing this rom.

    • You need to click on either of the two buttons: “Like” or “share” to download the ROM Mr.Prasad.
      PS: Sorry for the late reply 🙂

  4. will the process rooting or installing miui through internal storage format my memory (external) card also???
    Please reply asap///////i’m abt to start the process…

    Thanx in advance 🙂

      • bro m unable to root my canvas 4 thru srs root……..even though i tried ur alt binary restore method……it was successful…..i can see supersu app in menu as ewll but upon opening it……m getting no supersu binary is installed error……pls help.
        is thr any medium thru which i can chat wid u???

          • Hi, this firmware is working fine in my canvas-4. The only thing i can’t figure out is tye themes & other online stuff on xiaomi site. All content is coming in chinese. Can u pls tell me how can i download english themes???

  5. Thanks for such a clear explanation and detailing on this. Inspires me to try.
    I have a question – may be not fitting here. I have never done anything as such – no exposure to development at all, but I really am hopeful to try and succeed installing MIUI on my Canvas 3 A116. Please advise if the above process can be followed along with the same files/downloads suggested or I have to follow a different process altogether.

    • Hello Ravi. First of all, I’m glad that you liked the post. Coming to your question, the answer is NO. The files vary and you cannot follow the same on Canvas 3. If you do, you might have to face serious consequences. This article is only meant for Canvas 4 A210 🙂

      • Thanks much for the information Ravi. So is there a way to install MIUI 6 on Canvas 3 A116. Can you share the details or a link to that blog. Thanks in advance 🙂

  6. I installed the rom today. I found some problems with this rom, and I’m not sure it is a bug. The problem is, i can’t download anything from playstore. Not even a 2mb application. It says “downloading a large app- download using WIFI only” and then we un tick the option and continue downloading through mobile data its automatically turns into WLAN and waiting for available wifi source , this is the main thing which i had founded. The absence of any music equalizer is an another drawback of this rom. Will you please help me to sort out the problem.

    • I have not experience the problem. Yet, I guess you need to download the latest version play store apk and install it on your mobile. Try again after installing. And about the equalizer, yes, it is a problem for the ROM. You experience low sound compared to stock ROM even if you plugged in ear phones..!

      • I’ll try that Ravi. And I’m sorry about the equaliser, i got that after i send the comment. And there is a another thing, i can’t sign in xiaomi account with my number and mail adress. What should I do?

        • Try going to Mi store and download the app called “Google installer”, then open it and download all the Google apps viz. Google frameworks, Google play services. This should solve your sign-in problem Jithin! 🙂

          • The problem is only with the mi store sign in. But I’ll try your suggestion, because i need google apps. Thanks for your help balaram

      • I tried that, but no change playstore still the same. Can’t sign up in the Xiaomi account.

      • Playstore issue is solved. Its was because of the fixed download limit in this MI store. And the sign up problem still remains..

  7. I can’t open the menu now ( With Middle under screen button only recent app shows with that). any help for that ?

    Thank you so much for this tutorial 🙂
    Good luck

    • Umm… I didn’t really get your point..! That’s what the under screen middle button usually does for Canvas 4..! For menu, there’s no such thing in MiUi. You’ll have all the installed apps on the home screen windows and you just have to slide to next windows to check your apps. You can also arrange them as you wish 🙂

  8. I am planing to install new rom for the first time. Cab u give me some advise or a video of the post?

    • Unfortunately, we do not have a video preview on installing the Custom ROM on Canvas 4 right now. However, you can get the process done by simply following the above article instructions very carefully. Or, since it is your first time, please try doing this in presence of some experience person..

      I should also tell you, DO NOT PANIC IF YOU HAVE SOFT BRICK’ed your phone. It can be managed. Just read the entire article carefully, try doing it and you’ll be fine 🙂

  9. power button is not functioning properly with this ROM when lock screen is activated. Any solution for this?

    • I did not find no such issues on my phone. I’ve been using it since 6 months. However, the internal files are corrupted now and hence it started to show some problems. Hence I had to flash the stock ROM again. Till the files are not effected, this ROM can give you the best experience 🙂

  10. Hi Ravi, Company’s email setup is not working in this ROM. do you have any solution? I have tried one MiUi rom earlier (different from this), there email is working.

    • Hi Satya Ande, thanks for reaching me out. To be frank, I did not setup it till now. But as you’ve mentioned, I just tried it. It is working totally fine here. Once try it again. If the problem still persists, try to have a backup and reset your phone. That might help – 99% chances. Let me know on the issue once you’ve tried it 🙂

      • Thanks Ravi, It is working fine now after resetting the phone. Awesome ROM.
        How to get rid of Chinese language in some areas like pic attached? This is not from this ROM. It was raised from the theme (MiUi6) I installed later.

        • Yes. The themes are not officially designed for English language. So, you cannot get English Language for the themes installed. For the Custom ROM you installed, there will not be such an issue 🙂

    • it will work .. select IMAP instead of POP3 and ask your IT personnel for IMAP setting for the email server
      usually it would be imap..com (or .in or .net etc)
      maybe imap is replaced by mail
      (always select imap over pop else you risk mis-sync of emails)
      outgoing will always be smtp..com (or .in .net etc)

      email me at riteshpawar@msn.com if you need help

    • Hello hardeep.. I personally am using MIUI ROM on my Canvas 4 and experienced with no such issues. I guess there’s a problem with your WiFi router. Try to connect via WiFi router anywhere else. If the problem still persists, feel free to contact us. We will see, what we could do to help you 🙂

    • Took some time to deliver this in detail. Glad you liked it 🙂 Appreciation helps me forget all the stress I’ve been through..! Happy to have you here at Interest Waypoint 😀

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