Ah, let me guess. You are the smart phone user with 8GB internal storage and no extension MicroSD slot. Aren’t you? If you are the one I am talking about, I can understand your pain of storing data (like photos, videos & documents etc) on your phone storage. You’ll always have to compromise on some data which is LESS important over the data that is MORE important at that particular instinct. But, there might be some time where you couldn’t compromise on deleting your data that is already existing on your smartphone to copy new data. What would you do in such cases? Don’t tell me Cloud Storage is an option. We all know how the basic 2G internet connection works. So, to limit your pain of lesser memory (memory shortage), I am writing this to let you know, that you can now increase phone memory to save and view more data.

Doesn’t it sound interesting. I mean, I have seen most of my friends who has an 8GB internal phone memory, switch to a newer smartphone (if money isn’t a constraint), or curse themselves for choosing a smartphone with lower internal memory. And mind you, I’m only addressing those smartphones that doesn’t have an external SD card slot. Don’t bug me later, that you have SD card slot, blah blah.

How to Increase Phone Memory To Save More & More Data

Remember, we had these OTG cables to support accessing Pen drives (USB sticks). But they are limited to only few smart phones. The method I’m going to share with you today is something similar to that, but not the same. You’ll not increase the internal storage (you’re not a super-hero to do that), but will find an alternate source to get more space to save files. However, you need to spend few bucks to do that, but trust me, it is totally worth it.

Wireless USB Stick To Expand (or) Increase Phone Memory

increase phone memory

All you need to do is, buy a Wireless USB stick, and plug into your PC or Laptop (Windows Or Mac). It’ll charge for a while (around one to two hours). The files which you wanted to access on your mobile device, transfer them to this USB stick. Once the transfer is done, you’ll have two steps to do.

  1. Download and install SanDisk Connect App.
  2. Turn on the Wireless USB stick by clicking the power button.

Once you turn on the SanDisk Wireless USB stick, it creates a hotspot. So, you’ll have to go to Settings-> Wi-Fi and connect to the hotspot. By connecting to that hotspot, you can now access all the data available on the USB stick easily. You don’t need to transfer the data to your mobile phone to view it (if it be the case, what would be the use after-all?), but in case if you want to transfer, you can.

So, in short, you are plugging in a USB stick (like you do on your PC) to your mobile phone, but with no wires of course.

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Who Can Access Data On USB Stick?

Did it occur to you? You are connecting to the hotspot created by the USB stick and are able to access the content. Who else can do the same, without you actually knowing that?

Everybody can. Because, there is no security to enter. It’s an open hotspot and anyone can easily enter it.

But, you can change it though. It will be open to everyone by default. You can later add security by providing a password. So, it isn’t a big deal.

What More Can It Do?

Its usage doesn’t simply end by allowing you to access its content on your Android or iOS smart device. Rather, it has something more for you.

In case if you connect multiple devices to the USB stick, it acts as a medium to let you access the files on other devices as well, and also transfer them wireless. This is an additional feature, which is not really a much needed one though, since we have few third-party apps like ShareIt and Xender etc to do the work.

Final Word

The SanDisk Wireless USB Stick is pretty interesting and giving it a try is not really a bad idea. Also, I have to tell you, that there are some minor bugs on the app, which seems to have few crash issues on both iPad and Android devices as well (but not for all types of data though). And the wireless USB stick size is bigger than the normal USB drives. I hope that might not be an issue for you. After all, spending few bucks for this is much better than switching to another smartphone. Isn’t it? Let us know what you think about this Wireless USB stick which can increase Phone memory and be a savior of your’s at the time of need.