Having slow Internet Speeds? If the answer is a YES, then I advice you to go through this guide to increase internet speed with a simple DNS hack. It isn’t really a hack, but we do call it a hack. Most of the people do not know this simple technique to improve internet speed and gets frustrated with slow internet speeds. Actually, this hack boosts up the speed a bit. But before going directly into this, you must know some basic tips on increasing internet speed.

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Once you’ve gone through the above link I’ve given and followed the tips, there might be chances of improvement in you internet speed. But, we couldn’t totally rely on them for better speeds. So, in this article here, let us see on the process to change your DNS settings to increase internet speed.

Increase Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

The reason for your slow internet speed is, your local provider might not have the fastest DNS. So, if you manually change the DNS server address, you can improve internet speed. So, to manually change, follow the below steps.

  • Open Control Panel -> Network and Internet.
  • Open the Network and Sharing center. You can see a screen as shown below.
Increase internet speed
Network And Sharing Center
  • On the left, you can see an option “Change Adapter Settings“. Click on it.
  • Your connections will be displayed there. Choose the one which you’re using now (which is connected to the internet now) and right click on it.

improve internet speed

  • Open the properties and then you can see a┬ádialog box there as shown below.
Network Modem Properties
Network Modem Properties
  • Select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on Properties.
  • Now, you can see a dialog box similar to the below figure.
DNS Settings
DNS Settings
  • Now change the addresses of preferred and alternative servers with the following addresses.
  • In the above process we used Google DNS server addresses.

We have two options to fill the server addresses. Open DNS and Google DNS. Either of these two would increase internet speed. You can change these whenever you want. So, try any one among these and if you’re not satisfied, then try the other. The server addresses are given below.







Now you’re done and you can observe increase in the internet speeds. I hope this guide help you increase internet speed and throw you away from the frustrating low speeds.

If you still have some problems with the internet speeds even after trying these two server addresses, then it must be either your system speed that does not allow to access full bandwidth or your data plan must be limited to a particular speed.

Check your internet speed and see the change before and after this hack. Hope this process helps you increase internet speed of your system. Feel free to comment. Thank You.