The market of laptops is filled with Windows OS with greater percentage of users. Microsoft constantly tries to improve the customer satisfaction by launching its new software’s or upgrades to its Operating system. It had failed to impress the users with Windows Mobile OS, but Windows Operating system for PC’s or Laptops’s are at a major proportions in the market today. In this article, you can get the guide to improve battery performance on Windows 10 laptops.

How To Improve Battery Performance On Windows 10 Laptops?

Windows 10 is the recent and a major upgrade to the Windows OS after Windows 8/8.1. It is made available for free to the genuine users of Windows 7,8 or 8.1. This has attracted a lot of people who happily upgraded their Windows to the recent release, Windows 10.

Though we can see major improvements and design changes, users are furious about the poor battery performance.

I myself had upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and am facing issues with the battery performance. After the Windows 10 upgrade, the battery started to drain 5-10 times faster than it did on Windows 8.1.

Though I personally liked the upgrade, battery performance is a highly disappointing issue. For it, I have looked through the settings and explored a bit of Windows 10. I have found one of the reasons for the battery draining faster than usual.

In Windows 10, by default, many pre-installed applications are given the authority to run in the background. You’ll NOT be notified of this. Apps running in the background is one of the primary reasons for battery draining faster on Windows 10.

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To remove the unnecessary or unwanted programs/apps running in the background which could improve battery performance on Windows 10 laptops, follow the steps below.
• Go to Settings.

Improve battery performance on windows 10 laptops
• In the settings menu, click on System -> Battery Saver.
• You can see your present battery percentage and below that, you’ll have an option “Battery Use”. Click on it.

Windows 10 laptop battery
• Once you are in the Battery Use section of the settings, you can see which apps are using most battery.
• You’ll have two options: “Change Background App Settings” and “Change Battery Saver Settings”.
• You’ll have to click on the first option, as we’re worried about the apps running on background.

Increase laptop Battery backup
• Once you click it, number of apps will be displayed to you, and by default, all the apps will have the permission to run on background.
• Turn off the button to restrict the app from running in the background. Make sure you do this to only those apps which you might not need and feel unnecessary.

By this, the battery performance can be improved a little bit, but you wouldn’t notice a huge difference.
To further improve the battery performance, you need to manually do few things: like turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc when not needed.
Whenever you do not use any of the wireless functionalities, it is better you switch to “Airplane Mode”. Airplane Mode restricts all kinds of wireless data transfers and hence can improve battery performance on Windows 10 laptops.

Further Modifications:

You can also edit the Battery Saver Settings. You can fix a particular % to enable the battery saver mode automatically. The options in the Battery Saver Settings can be seen in the below attached image.

Battery saver settings in windows 10
Also make sure you put it to the minimum for the screen display to turn off, which could help save the battery (not at most times though).

Extra Features In Windows 10

Did you ever experience some weird apps/software’s appearing on your screen as a notification? If you’re not clear about what that software is about, you might get into a dilemma with two choices: leaving it as it is on your machine or uninstalling it.
Windows 10 is there to help you in such cases. You can simply restrict the particular software or app from sending you notifications. To do that, go to Settings -> Notifications & Actions. If you see the software there, turn it off and you’re dyone. You will never see notifications from that app.

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