Blog writing

Blogging now has already got enough recognition in India. There are many PRO-BLOGGERS here who are earning lots of income through blogging which is why most of the people are now showing interest to enter blogging. But, for a complete newbie, its different to understand this. So, this article helps to Newbie’s to know on, “”How to write Blogs.” All the basic rules of writing a blog post will be discussed here in this article.


As we can see all the other available blogs, the basic thing one must do is to know the principle of Blog Writing. And fortunately it is very easy to understand and implement. There are a very few rules to remember while writing a blog post. Before discussing all the rules, just make sure that your content is unique and attractive. Content must not be too long or too short. Never repeat the same points over and over. Now, let us see the rules on how to write a blog.


How to write blogs

There are certain rules to write a blog post in order to gain traffic. This, however will take some time, but is one of the best SEO practices. Follow these rules and promote your blog through various sources and you could get good traffic.

  • The post that you write must not be less than 300 words. Writing  a short one will not gain Google’s attention. And in the other case if you are too long, your readers might feel bored. So, be good at writing and delivering the correct speech.
  • If you are very new, just concentrate on keywords. Use the best keywords and use them in the post (In the title, content, meta tags and description). Suggested use of keyword density is at least 3-4%.
  • Don’t use keywords that get very high searches. Moderate search volume keywords will be good enough to drive traffic.
  • As mentioned above, “Be unique and express yourselves.”
  • Human psychology says, people will be more attracted to images than to the text’s. So, use appropriate images in your blog posts.
  • While using images, try editing them. Resize or crop the image you’ve downloaded before attaching it to the post. If you don’t do this, you may be caught in Copyscape.
  • Don’t use any smiley’s in the blog post. It is very informal and a blog is highly formal.


As a new blogger, the main aspect of search engine optimization technique you should follow is to use the correct keywords. To get the keywords, use “” . There you could use the keyword planner and get some keywords of your choice to your blog post content. Correct usage of these keywords will get you good traffic. At least 15 articles with keywords should get you more than 100-150 views per day. The other SEO techniques are not required at the beginning.



As mentioned above, the tool that helps you to check the density of a keyword can be called as “Keyword Density Checker” or “Keyword Research Tool”. If you directly want to navigate to the keyword planner, click here. Search for a keyword and click on “GET IDEAS” at the bottom. Choose the apt keyword and use it in your post.

Or else Google for Google Adwords as shown in the picture and click on the Keyword Planner. You will directly be redirected to the keyword planner tool.


This knowledge on keywords must be enough for you to get good traffic. Apart from this, all you need to do is, use social media to promote your blog. That’s it. Happy blogging. This post is open for any of your queries. Do comment, if you have some. Thank you.