Android users need no introduction to battery drains on their smartphones. Apart from the SOT (Screen On Time) which usually lasts for about 3-4 hrs, or about 5hrs in the best case, the standby time of a smartphone is equally important. When it comes to iOS, it does a great job. The standby time for iDevices is extremely good. So, we are jealous, right? Let me tell you that you could increase the battery life by installing Greenify app. You could install and use Greenify app to save battery life on your Android Smartphone.

Why Does Battery Drain Faster?

But before discussing the app, don’t you want to know WHY the battery drains faster on Android smartphones? Let me brief you.

The number of apps that run in the background is solely responsible for huge battery drain. Be it an Android smartphone or an iDevice, more the number of apps running in the background, faster is the battery drain.

Usually, the apps will be killed automatically after a certain time according to the OS. But, some apps seek permissions to run in the background while you install them. If you allow them to run in the background, the battery will drain faster than usual.

In addition to this, your smartphone needs a constant update from the signal tower, which also is one of the reasons for battery drain. You cannot simply leave your smartphone in FLIGHT MODE all day, so we’ll just have to ignore this !

Use Greenify App To Save Battery Life !

Greenify App is one of the most used & suggested apps to increase battery life on your Android smartphone. While Android Marshmallow has its own battery saver, a better companion for you would be the Greenify app.

Most users that use Greenify app are satisfied with its performance and ability to save battery life when the phone is not in use.

Be advised, that the Greenify app probably might not help you if you use your phone (screen turned on) for a longer time. This app comes in handy when the phone is idle.

How Exactly Does Greenify App Increase Battery Life?

Greenify app, upon installing, will put the apps into a state of hibernation, which therefore reduces the consumption of memory and background processing.

Processing apps in the background consume a lot of battery power. The RAM also will be in use, which affects the battery efficiency. Clearing memory in the RAM when not needed, and reducing background processing will effectively increase / extend battery life.

Greenify app does exactly the same. It puts the apps to sleep when not in use, therefore reducing the background processes and the consumption of memory.

Advantages Of Using Greenify App

If there are no advantages, why would anyone suggest it? Apart from saving battery life, the Greenify app has few more added advantages. Let me list a few:

  • You can manually choose to Hibernate/Greenify the apps that you do not use often.
  • Auto-Hibernation can now be done on non-rooted devices as well.
  • The app will help you improve the phone’s performance by identifying the misbehaving apps and control the lag. This will enable a smooth user experience on an Android smartphone.

How To Install & Use Greenify App?

Let me give you a very detailed process to install and use Greenify app to save battery life on Android smartphones. Follow the below-mentioned steps for a hassle free installation and usage.

Step-1: Open Google Play Store from your Android Smartphone. Search for Greenify in the search bar on the top.

greenify app

Step-2: Open the Greenify app. Click on ‘Install’.


Step-3: Once the installation is done, click on ‘Open’. You can see a screen similar to the image below.

extend battery life

Step-4: Here, you can either click on the ‘Snooze’ icon with three Z’s, or you can open “App Analyzer” by clicking on the ‘+’ icon in the top right.

greenify app increase battery life

Step-5.1: If you clicked on the ‘+’ icon, you can see apps, based on categories like: “Running in Background” and “May Slow Down The Device When..”. You can select apps that you do not use and put them to hibernation, or follow step 5.2.

use greenify app
May Slow Down Category
install greenify app and use
Running In Background Category

Step-5.2: If you clicked on the Snooze button on the bottom right, you can see a message similar to the one in the image below.

enable-auto-hibernation in greenify app

Step-6: Go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Greenify’.

Step-7: Turn on the ‘accessibility service’.

Step-7.1: You can see a pop-up with some information about what Greenify needs to do. Click on Ok.

extend android battery life

Step-8: Now, come back to the Greenify app and click on the ‘Snooze’ button again. If there are no apps that need to be put into hibernation, you can see a screen similar to the image below.

That’s it ! If you want to increase battery life on Android smartphone, install and use Greenify app to save battery life. This is one of the best apps to extend battery life on Android Smartphones.

Final Word

The app is just to make your work easier. If you do not want to waste space for this app, you can manually stop the apps from running in the background by ‘force stop’ option available for every individual application, from the settings. The Greenify app just makes it easier to find apps that run in the background and are unnecessary and can help you optimize the processes in a single click. In the end, it is all about saving time, and battery ! Isn’t it?