Samsung released its 4G LTE mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) in middle of the 2014 year and works on the Android KitKat 4.1.1 version (now upgraded to Lollipop). If you are one of the users of Samsung Galaxy S5 and wants to update your mobile to latest Android versions you have to install some custom firmwares. For installing this custom ROM’s you must root your Samsung Galaxy S5 with twrp recovery. If you want to root your mobile you have to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon).

Samsung developers lock the bootloader in your device because they don’t allow us to change system files or installing any custom softwares. Even though you want to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) you have to verify some prerequisites.Samsung Galaxy Verizon


Before you start the procedure Samsung Galaxy bootloader unlocking, you must follow below-mentioned prerequisites to stay on safe side. Carefully read these conditions before you start unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Check device model: This article is written purely for Samsung Galaxy S5 only. You should not follow these steps on any other devices. If your device is not Samsung Galaxy S5, then you should stop following these steps immediately.
  • Root access: Before unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5, It is suggested to root your device. You can find more details on how to root Samsung Galaxy below.
  • USB drivers: If you need to connect your Samsung Galaxy to PC or laptop as the part of this tutorial, then you should first install Samsung USB drivers on your system.
  • USB debugging: To establish a stable connection between Samsung Galaxy S5 and PC/Laptop, you need to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy. Check our guide to enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy.
  • Backup: Unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5 will delete entire data from the device and recovering them is a big process. It is recommended to backup entire Samsung Galaxy data before you follow these steps.
  • Check battery: The process of unlocking bootloader of %complete_device_name% may take 5-20 minutes and you should maintain enough battery backup before starting the process. Battery drains quickly than normal while you follow below steps and it is advised to charge up to 60% before getting started.
If you feel you're good to go with above prerequisites, then continue reading further to unlock bootloader of Samsung Galaxy.

Downloads Section

Must Follow Steps

  • Reactivation Lock must be disabled on your device. If you don’t know how to disable it go through these steps. “Open Settings –> Security –> Reactivation Lock (Scroll down your security options to see) –> Uncheck the box to disable this feature.
  • Now enter your Samsung Account details and wait for few seconds. You’ll see the Reactivation Lock as Disabled.
  • Don’t follow these steps in case you don’t see the Reactivation Option.


Unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) is not a simple and official process. You need to do it with caution. Any small mistake may hard brick your device and makes it useless. Please try unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon) at your own risk. Either Interest Waypoint team, device manufactures or developers are not responsible if anything goes wrong with your Samsung Galaxy S5 (Verizon). You need to understand that, this article is just for educational purpose and you're doing this process at your own risk.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon

We have to methods for unlocking Bootloader in Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon

First Method: For PB1, PD1, PF4, PG2, PJ2, PL1, QA1(Marshmallow)

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your PC and transfer the downloaded file to phone/Sd card memory and install it on your device from Safestrap.
  2. Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy S5 device, and wait for few seconds.
  3. Boot your mobile into download mode by hold down the Volume Down button + Home Button then press Power Button for 5 seconds, you’ll get a warning screen.Warning Screen
  4. Press Volume up to continue.
  5. Now extract the Odin zip. From the Odin files, double-click on the Odin3 vx.xx.exe file. It will open an Odin window similarly like this.Yellow ID: Com Image
  6. In this window click on AP RAM and open and load G900V_Firmware_PB1.tar.md5. In case your Galaxy S5 is a 16GB variant you need to load  S5_Klte_Usa_Vzw.pit under PIT section.
  7. To flash the firmware click on Start, now your mobile will be rebooted. After the reboot, turn off your mobile and again reboot into download mode.
  8. Check your binary status is Official or not. If not, you need to follow again from step 2 to step 6.
  9. If your binary status is Official again reboot your mobile and now enter into ROM setup. “If you’re not planning to run this ROM skip this setup.”
  10. Now install Bootloader_Unlock_Safestrap.apk on your device, now open SafeStrap app and install safestrap recovery on your mobile.
  11. Now click on Reboot to Recovery, now your mobile reboot into recovery mode.
  12. From the downloads section, download any of this,,,,, based on your firmware you want to run and flash it from Safestrap recovery.
  13. Once your process completed your phone will be powered off.
  14. Here, once remove your battery and reinsert it and enter into TWRP recovery mode by holding Volume Up+Power+Home buttons.
  15. Wipe your data and system in TWRP recovery mode.
  16. Now finally flash your ROM that will match your firmware which you’ve downloaded from the downloads section. (For example, PD1 would be 6.0 and ROMPB1 would be 5.0 ROM.)

Second Method: For OE1, OK3, PB1 (Lollipop)

  1. By using Flashfire app or Safestrap app install
  2. Once reboot your device and from the app drawer open “Samsung Unlocker” app.
  3. You’ll get a popup request for SuperSu access. If the terminal screen asks you YES/No type yes and press enter.
  4. Your device will be turned off after pressing enter.
  5. Remove your mobile battery and reinsert it. And reboot to bootloader and now it should say “MODE: Developer”.
  6. By using Odin flash TWRP recovery for installing TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon mobile.

Conclusion for unlocking bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon

Hope you followed this guide properly and successfully unlocked the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon. In case if you find any issues while following this tutorial, leave a comment below and we'll respond with a possible solution. Don't stop here, start installing a custom recovery, custom ROM's to see the real charm of Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon. Keep visiting our website for more tutorials on Samsung Galaxy S5 Verizon.


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