It’s sad when you have very important data on your Pen Drive and when you intend to copy it, you may find Virus or Malware as a Shortcut folder. Your files are hidden and are not visible when your Pen Drive is infected with this Virus. I see people asking this question on many public groups on “How to remove shortcut Virus” but do not get the required answer. Its more frustrating when someone suggests you a link, you open it and find some shit in it. But do not worry, here is the solution on how to remove shortcut Virus from your Pen Drive.


There are many ways to remove it out of which I would tell you the best two ways. The potential threat of a shortcut Virus is high and could harm your computer just by a click on it. This spreads to every Pen Drive you insert from then. So, it must be removed before it keeps on spreading. The below is how you could remove the shortcut virus.

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You can simply remove the shortcut Virus from your Pen Drive or any other Local Drives using Command Prompt. You just need to know a little command to do it. The following screenshots will help you to get an idea on removing the shortcut virus. Follow the steps.

  • Open Command Prompt. Search as CMD in the search bar in Windows 8. Go to the Start-> Run-> Type CMD-> OK in other Operating Systems.
  • Now when you open it, type the letter of the location of your Pen Drive or the local drive you want to remove the virus from. For example, if the drive you want to delete the shortcut files from is “I”, type “I:” in the command.
  • After that, you will be accessible to perform any operations on that particular drive.


  • Now, type the command as “attrib -h -r -s /s /d i:\*.*” and click Enter.

how to remove shortcut virus

  • You are done with the process. All the files that went hidden will be visible and you can copy them to your computer.

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UsbFix is a software that lets you help fix these malwares from your PC. Using UsbFix software is also easy, where you could remove shortcut virus or any other viruses from your device. The following are the simple steps to use UsbFix software.

  • First of all, install the software to your PC. If you are using any Anti-Virus installed, disable it for a moment while using this software.
  • Insert your Pen Drive to your system.
  • Open the UsbFix software and you can see a home screen like this.


  • usbfix-virus-removerNow click on “Search” to search for any malicious items on your Pen Drive. It takes some time to scan and you can find the result in an text file.
  • If you find any Virus, you can click on “Clean” and then your Pen Drive will be Virus free.
  • You also have an option called “Vaccinate” to defend from any future Virus attacks.

So, these are the basic two ways you could follow to find an answer for the FAQ “How to remove shortcut Virus?”. Also make sure you remove your Pen Drive only after “Safely Remove” ing it. The most cases, you may not find any problems even if you do not safely remove, but sometimes there might be accidental damage of files getting corrupted. Why risk? It’s just a task that takes less than 10seconds.


It is also advisable to scan your PC online. There are many Anti-Virus solutions that provide Online Scan for your PC. But also, do not click on “Online Scan” option on any untrusted websites. Clicking on them might lead you to some other page, not secure. So, make sure you follow all the possible steps to protect your PC from Trojan virus or any sorts of Viruses.

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