Images talk more than words. One correct image can speak a lot on what you’re thinking or trying to express. Images can be very helpful if you’re constantly failing to express your feelings through words. If you’re a blogger or a digital marketer, you’d know the importance of high quality wallpapers or images by now. In case if you do not, understand the importance of high quality images. Appending an image with strict to-the-point information can drive more conversion than just writing lines and lines of content. Being short and clear is the new magic mantra in this internet era.

Not everyone can create cool images. Isn’t it right? What can you do if you are not good at creating images on your own? A simple search on Google images can get you high quality wallpapers, but some among them might be copyright protected. You need to be careful before you use any of those images. Hence, to help you not get into trouble, in this article you’ll get the process to download High quality wallpapers with no copy rights and are free to use in any way you wish. So, lets get started.

High Quality Wallpapers On Your Finger Tips

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As I mentioned above, a normal search on the Google images can sometime not be copyright free. A simple tweak in Google image settings can get you some high quality wallpapers (copyright free). Let me explain how to change the settings.

Follow the below steps to download high quality wallpapers with no copyright protection.

  • Open Google Images and enter the phrase you want to search for. In my example, I considered “Wallpaper” to be my search term.
  • Once the results are displayed, on the top right corner you can find Settings Icon. Click on it and go to Advanced Settings.

high quality wallpapers



  • Once you get the Advanced settings menu, you can see various number of options for better search experience. But, since we are not bothered about it, let us only stick to our topic.
  • At the last, you can see a field with “usage rights”. The best would be, if you chose “Free to use, share or modify, even commercially”.

high quality images free download


  • Hit on “Advanced Search” and you’ll get what you need.

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Best Sites For High Quality Wallpapers


Apart from Google, there also is another way to get high quality free images. With a motto of delivering the best of free HD images, the Unsplash team are working hard. Unsplash gives you 10 high quality wallpapers for free for every 10 days. You can subscribe to their mailing list and get the free HD wallpapers straight to your mail. The best part is, you can use them as you wish. Did you ever check Robin Sharma’s FB page? He does the same, though I’m not sure if he downloads such high quality wallpapers from Unsplash 😉


Like Unsplash, the next best platform to get high quality free images is Pixabay. You can simply search with a keyword on Pixabay and get best of the images related to the category. In pixabay, you have an option to ‘like an image‘ through your social networking accounts. Over 4,30,000 free photos are available for now on pixabay. The images at pixabay are protected under CCo license and can be used anywhere.


Most of you might be knowing it by now. If you don’t, let me tell you.

Flickr is one of the best platforms to get free high quality pics. You are allowed to re-use the images uploaded on Flickr. The British Library has uploaded around 10 Lakh plus pics of Vintage collections and scanned images. Flickr has a fan base of around 19.1k followers. But Flickr images will not suit for all kinds of people. However, you might give it a try.

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There still are many other websites that provide free high quality wallpapers. However, to make the list short, I personally handpicked the sites of my personal choice in an assumption that you’d like these too. Other than these, you can also try Shutterstock. However, for every free image, there’d be a watermark in the center of the image. If you have no problem in spending few bucks to download free HD images, then you can subscribe at 199$/mo and you’ll get around 750 images/mo.

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