Facebook is one of the largest community with more number of users on social media. In Facebook, we connect to people by adding them as a friend. Suppose you’re so active on Facebook with a very large number of friends on your profile, there is a greater chance that some of your friends will remove you sometime or the other. So, in this post today, you’ll get to know “How To Find Who Unfriended You On Facebook“. You cannot text everyone who sends a message: sometimes you might be busy, or at times you don’t feel like replying them. Isn’t it? This could be the main reason for some of your friends to unfriend you.

Why Should You Know Who Unfriended You?

This is not necessarily very important to everyone. But, you might be loosing some good friends of yours on Facebook for some silly reasons and you wouldn’t even know. At the hour of need, you don’t find them on your list and feel sorry for yourselves. If you want to change this from happening, its time you better keep track on who actually unfriends you on Facebook. With this, you can approach immediately, if some good friend of yours had unfriended you on Facebook.

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How To Find Who Unfriended You On Facebook?

how to find who unfriended you on Facebook

Okay, enough of the bragging. Now it’s time for you to know “How to find who unfriended you on Facebook”. This actually is not known to most of the Facebook users. However, to know who unfriended you on Facebook, there’s a site WHO.DELETED.ME which gives you the graphical representation of the number of friends you had overtime. It also displays the profiles of your friends who unfriended you.

The best part is, you wouldn’t notice any kind of spam messages while using this site/ later. who.deleted.me is a website that stands as an answer to the question “How to see who unfriended you on Facebook“. If you are an iPhone user and are willing to spend few bucks to keep track of your Facebook friends list, you have an app in the iStore with a name Who Deleted Me. This is not a free app and costs you 0.99$ to use it. Before you try the app, I would suggest you to try the official website first.

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How Is It Useful To You?

As I already mentioned, you can get notification immediately if a good friend of yours deletes you on Facebook. With that, you can sort things out and get him back on your friends list. After all, Facebook stands as the savior to find old friends and be in touch constantly with them.

Apart from this, if you’re also promoting your business on Facebook, its better to have more number of friends on your list. Whenever you post a link, promoting your business, your friends are the first one’s to click it. When people unfriend you, you might loose a visitor and you might observe loss in your business. The loss might not be huge, but a loss is loss in business. To avoid this, you can check who unfriended you on Facebook, get back to them, know the reason and sort it out.

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