Enable USB Debugging mode in Android Phones and Android Tablets will help you to transfer files from your Android mobile to PC for backing up your data, for installing apps etc. USB Debugging is one of the ways to communicate with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) through USB cable connection and it allows receiving commands, files, etc.Many Android users don’t know about USB debugging. If you ever use Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) to do things like rooting, installing custom ROM’s definitely you have some knowledge on it.

If you want to use Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) to do things like rooting, installing custom ROM’s in your device definitely you have to enable USB debugging mode on Android Phones and Android Tablets.

Steps to Enable USB Debugging in Android Phones and Android Tablets

Enabling USB Debugging is very simple and fast process. There is no need to waste your time. Follow these simple steps to Enable USB Debugging.

      1. Open your Applications Menu by clicking Menu icon in your Android mobile.Android Mobile Main Screen For Menu Options
      2. You’ll get all your Android device applications list.Android Mobile Apps with Setting IconNote:- This view will be different for few people. you may have your own layout and design but Settings icon will be same for all almost all Android devices.
      3. Enter into Settings menu by clicking Settings icon, scroll down your setting menu options till you reach the bottom, you will see the options like this.Settings Menu Screen
      4. Now click on About Phone or About Tablet option, now you see a list of options on your screen like below.About Phone Screen
      5. Now click on Build number 7 times continuously. While you are in the fifth click you’ll get a toast message shown below Build number 4 times clicking
      6. After clicking 7 times you will get a Toast message with a text “You are now a developer!” shown below.Now you are developer screen
      7. If you go back to your Settings options menu you will see a Developer Options in between Printing and About phone as shown below.Developer Options Screen
      8. Click on Developer options for entering into USB Debugging. You will get a PopUp on your screen like this.
      9. If you click OK you will get a Popup screen asking your permission to Allow USB Debugging, Click the Checkbox and then OK.
      10. Now your USB Debugging mode is Enabled.
      11. If you want to disable your Developer Options. Toggle the button at the top of developer options.

Developer Options Disabled

Conclusion to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Android Phones and Android Tablets

If the above steps are done properly, you have successfully Enabled USB Debugging Mode in Android Phones and Android Tablets. In case if you face any issues while following the above steps, don’t hesitate to know us through the comment section. We will help you as soon as possible.