how to create blogCreating a blog is very confusing at the beginning when you have no idea on blogging. You might have somehow came upon the word “Blog” and wanted to create your own blog. You might have to know some basics regarding creating a blog. When you are about to begin, the first thing you need to definitely know is on “How to create blog”. In this guide, I am about to tell you on creating a blog and the basic requirements you need to follow to run a blog and be successful.


Let us first talk on the key points you need to follow even before you create a blog.

  • Be clear on what you wanted to write on. Starting a blog and thinking later on what to write is the biggest mistake anyone would ever do. So, make sure you select the niche before you even create your own blog.
  • Select a good domain name. You need to be particular in selecting the domain names. Never use any personal names for your domains as that might not be user friendly.  Try not using any numbers in the domain(eg:, because you might lose your audience due to that.
  • Select your platform. Selecting platform to blog is also a very important task to be done before you start a blog. There are several blogging platforms out of which WordPress and Blogger are the famous one’s.

Once you are clear with the above three points, its time you can move to create your own blog. But before creating a blog, you must know why you should be blogging. With no intention or motivation, you end up blogging with in no time. So, have a clear idea on why you are blogging. The maximum reasons that people blog are mentioned in my previous post. CLICK HERE to have a look.


Its time you should know how to create blog. Once you are clear with the niche you want to write on, its time you choose your blogging platform. Blogger and WordPress are the highly preferred blogging platforms. As a newbie, many would prefer Blogger as it is very easy to understand and easy to use. Every option is very clear and its easy to use Blogger. But on the other hand, almost all the Bloggers will migrate from Blogger to WordPress for better results. So, its up to you to chose which platform you would use. If you are not satisfied with the platform you chose, you can migrate it to the other whenever you wanted to migrate.



Its very simple creating a WordPress site. Just go to , create a website by entering the domain name you already chose and create your own blog. Just a single step and then you are done. Simply follow the steps as shown one after the other. Its not complicated how you think it is.


It is same to create a blog in Blogger. Go to and sign in with your Google account and click on Create a new blog. And you are done. Creating a blog is very simple and the later steps are what you really need to concentrate on.


Once you are done creating a blog, your blog address will be suffixed with the respected blog address. If you have created a Blog on WordPress, it will be suffixed as If it is on Blogger, you will have your blog address as . As a newbie, it is okay to keep it like this. But, once you have written enough content, you should definitely choose a domain name. There are various number of sites to purchase a domain name. GoDaddy, Bigrock and many more provides you domains at cheaper and affordable rates.


If you are on blogger platform, hosting is no way needed. But if you are on WordPress you need to buy hosting for your site in order for you to apply for any AD networks. There are many sites that provide you hosting. Like Bluehost, JTS hosting and many others. For instance I use JTS hosting to host my site. You can also buy domain on JTS hosting as well. Choose what you want.



Make sure you have unique and quality content. Don’t be too short. Google’s algorithms always remove the blogs from their search engines if the content is too short. Minimum words in a post should be 300-500. So, make sure you write more. Read the simple guide on “How to write blogs“. You must be having some idea after reading this post. In the content you must follow some tips.

  • Using keywords is the most basic things you should definitely follow. I have wasted nearly 7 months of my blogging career as I do not have enough knowledge on using keywords. To know about the right usage of keyword planner, CLICK HERE.
  • Sharing content is also the basic part of blogging to gain viewers.

Never ever miss these two points when you write a post. With these, you could gain enough viewers in about 6 months. The last point you must make sure is to add some related images. Do not add many images in a single article.

If you are confused on when is the correct time to start a blog, then you must definitely read “What is the correct time to start a blog“.

These are the things you must follow while starting a blog. With experimenting more, you get more. Never be disappointed by any harsh situations. Happy Blogging.