Hello Geeks..! Today I’m here with another wonderful post that gives you an idea on How to Create Android Apps. Today there are about 1.5 million Android applications available on the internet, created by many developers all around the world. Do you want to be one among them? Take pleasure reading this article to know what’s trending in the world now. If you are really interested in contributing one from your part, to the Google Play store, I am going to teach you how to create Android Apps with and without coding skills. There are 2 ways to create Android Application. One using your coding skills: this needs an IDE platform to work and the other is without coding skills. The platform can be of users choice, choose one that you’re familiar with. There are Few websites that lets you Create Android Application without any coding knowledge.

how to create android apps

Can’t code? Who cares? Now, If you want to create an Android app, you don’t need to learn Java, XML etc. There are some websites to create Android app without any coding skills as I already have mentioned above. You just need to follow the on screen instructions and create [your] Android app for free under 5-10 minutes.

How To Create Android Apps Without Coding

These are the 5 best platforms for newbies to create an Android application online for free.


AppsGeyser is a free online platform for web publishers to create custom mobile applications for Android. You’ll have many categories of layouts that suits your purpose. The users will be provided with a simulator on the right to preview the app that is made so far. All the Android apps developed through AppsGeyser’s platform can be published and exchanged online, through the AppsGeyser App Marketplace or in the Android Market (Google Play Store). You can try AppsGeyser from here.


Appypie is mobile application platform for Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS. Appy Pie allows users to monetize their apps through iTunes & Google Play, send push notifications, and view app stats with Google Analytics. Appy Pie allows users to create mobile apps in categories including Gaming, e-Books, and more. Check it out from here.

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Make Me Doid

This is again a free platform for iOS and Android applications. No technical knowledge is required, create your Android app with few mouse clicks and your app will be ready in 10 minutes. The changes you have made are updated instantly through the internet. Among the above, this is a bit easy. You need not install any extra plug-ins to make your project. To try it, visit Make Me Droid here.


iBuildApp is an intuitive application tool. The platforms it supports are iOS and Android. The user need not be a programmer, they can be a musician, politician, blogger or a website owner etc. You can create as many applications as you want for FREE. iBuildApp is developed by WordPress to make the user connect with their clients and followers by their mobile presence. Try iBuildApp from here.


AppYet is a simple platform to create app for your business or playful applications. You just need to sign in and you’re good to go. If you ever feel like developing apps like Android Authority, Engadget etc, then AppYet holds better. It doesn’t have heavy themes and layouts but if you’re a nood then try this first before going for others. To redirect to AppYet click here.

Create Android Application Using Your Coding Skills

create android application

Creating Android Application in Android Studio

Now, Let us see how to create an Android app using IDE(Integrated Development Environment). There are again 2 IDEs for Android Application Development. One is traditional Eclipse IDE and the other is the all new Android Studio IDE by Google. There are some significant changes in procedure of creating an Android app from Eclipse to Android Studio which we’ll discuss in later part.

First of all, you must download Android Studio. [sociallocker] Download the new Android Studio. [/sociallocker]

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Steps To Create an Android App Displaying “Hello World!”

Step 1: Creating your Android project.

When you open the Android Studio it shows you Welcome screen. If you did not create any project, go ahead and click New Project. Choose a name for your project.

Enter the values for your project then click Next. The next window lets you configure the name of your app, the package name, and the location of your project. If you opened the project, Android Studio shows the development environment.

Step 2: Select Form Factors and API Level.

This means, you can make your app compatible for the devices such as phone, TV, Wear, and Google Glass. The selected form factors become the application modules within the project. For each form factor, you can also select the API Level for that app. To get more information, click Help me choose. The API Level window shows the distribution of mobile devices running each version of Android. Every version has a specific API number which indicates the level of API. This helps you choose the minimum API Level that has all the features that your apps needs, so you can reach as many devices as possible. Then click OK.

Step 3: Add an Activity.

The next screen lets you select an activity type to add it to your app. This screen displays a different set of activities for each of the form factors you selected earlier. You can select the activity based on your requirement. Select one and proceed to Next.

Step 4: Configure Your Activity.

Now, configure the activity you added to your form factor. Choose a name for your activity, the layout name, and the activity title. Then click Finish.

Step 5: Develop Your App

Android Studio by default creates the basic structure for your project displaying “Hello World!” in the development environment. If your app supports more than one form factor, Android Studio creates a module folder with complete source files for each of them. You can modify these modules later. Once you’re done with your app, there will be an option to upload to Google Play store in the studio itself. You can check the stats of the application in Google Analytics.

Android Studio VS Eclipse

Before Android Studio, developers used to create their android applications in a software called Eclipse. Android Studio is product of IntelliJ and in Eclipse you need to install Android plug-ins. People are still using it instead of Android studio. So, let me tell you few advantages of Android Studio over Eclipse. Before switching to Android Studio, migrate your projects from Eclipse. Since Eclipse is not a native IDE for Android, you won’t find all the features of Android Studio. It has a new interface design and minimized workspace. There is a feature on Android Studio called , AirPair where you can put in request for get help from an Expert developer. Android Studio is faster, responds to changes more quicker and has more customization options compared to Eclipse. Once you are done with your application you can upload it to Play Store easily. Android Studio greatly minimized the efforts of Developers and improved the environment so that people started loving to develop using it. If you have any doubts regarding the topic, feel free to comment below. If you like our work, please Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank you.