Password protection now has been a minimal need for anyone, not in just online but also offline users do protect their systems with passwords. Every person using PC or laptops are using some password in order for the system to use. But, What if you forget the password? Or may be to tease your friend by changing his password. How to change it?

There some requirements in order to change the password. 
  • Firstly, the system’s account should be a local account. If the account is online, this process doesn’t work there. 
  • And the Second thing to keep in mind, is that you must either have two accounts ( one account protected and one account not protected) or you must have the access to the protected account.

The second point is, unless you don’t have the access for once, you can’t change the password directly from lock screen. You can just put a new password even if you don’t know the previous one. 

So, by following the following steps, you will be able to change the password of your local account.
  • Once you get access, Search as Cmd or Command prompt and right click on it and run it in administrator mode.

  • When the console screen comes, type the command as net user. Press Enter.
  • Then the accounts associated with your PC will be displayed on the screen as above.
  • Then type the command net user username newpassword. Press Enter.

    • The error is because, it is not a local account. If it is a local account, there won’t be any error.

    This will have to change the password of local account. Note that you have to type the Username as it is also considering the Uppercase, lowercase and also symbols and everything.

    Leave a comment if this doesn’t work. I will try my best to help you out. Thank you.