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In this era of smart world with smartphones in our hands, not everyone is smart enough to remember many contact numbers. It is obvious, that we store all our contacts in the contact list of our smartphones. However, there are also few chances where you might loose them: during a factory reset or when you change your Android smartphone. As loosing contacts can sometimes be very hard (at the times of emergency), we are here with the best possible ways to backup Android contacts that takes a very small part of your valuable time.

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Best Ways To Backup Android Contacts

There are several ways to save your contacts from being lost. It is always advisable to backup phone contacts in someway or the other in order to avoid loosing important contacts forever. Today, you are about to see various ways to backup Android contacts (simple ways).

Save To Gmail Account

No Android phone can work (completely perfect) without actually setting up a Gmail account. You need to set at least one Gmail account to access Play Store and other Android services. So, saving contacts to Google will be a lot easier and the best suggestible way to backup phone contacts if you’re using an Android smartphone.

You can save your contacts to Gmail by simply following the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Settings->Account->Google Account.
  • Once you select it, you’ll have various options like Calendar, Gmail, Contacts etc. Beneath them, you’ll also see either ‘Last synced on (some date)’ or ‘Sync is Off’.
  • To save your Android contacts to Google, Check the box at ‘Contacts’ and activate sync to contacts.

backup phone contacts

Once you enable sync for contacts, all your contacts will automatically be saved to your Google account. From the next time, whatever Android mobile you might be using, you can import all of them in a single go (only if you are using your new Android smartphone with the same email you used when you have created a backup for contacts).

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Export To SD Storage (Or) SIM Memory

Exporting the contacts to SD Storage or SIM memory could be another best preferable option available for you. Once you select either of these two, you will never loose them until you delete them manually. Also you have to create a backup manually in this method. But, if it is SIM memory you’re exporting to, there’ll be a limit to hold the number of contacts, depending on its memory.

You can export Android Contacts to SD storage or SIM memory by following the below steps.

  • Go to Contacts.
  • Click for options and you can see various fields among which “Import/Export Contacts” is one. Select that and you will be taken to another window.

Here, the process or steps differ from one phone to the other phone.

  • Among them, you need to select “Export To SD Card” if you want to backup phone contacts to SD Card.
  • Or you can select “Export to SIM” if you want to backup Android contacts to your SIM card.
  • Once you click on either of them, the backup process will start and will be over in the blink of eye (depends on the size of your contact list).
  • However, for some smartphones, you need to choose two options.
    1. ‘Copy contacts from’ and 2. ‘Copy contacts to’.
  • Since you are copying to SD Card or SIM memory, the first option should be either Phone memory or Gmail.

If you are even a little bit confused, you can view the screenshots here.

If you have too many contacts and the SIM memory isn’t sufficient to store them all, it is better to create a backup in SD Card.

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Backup Phone Contacts To System

What if I say, you can also make a backup of your contacts to system directly? If you are more a PC/Laptop user, than that of Smartphone (Android) user, you would be glad by now to hear this. Isn’t it? Though there are ways to save all contact details easily through Android smartphone, in case if you want to save it on your PC, you do have a way to do that.

To backup Android contacts to PC/Laptop, you have this software, Coolmuster Android Assistant. One of the most used software to backup Android contacts to PC. You can have this software installed on Windows & Mac OS too. Before downloading, you can also check the Coolmuster Android Assistant review & usage.

These are the best possible ways to backup Android contacts easily. You can choose any of the above options to backup Android contacts in order to avoid any loss. If you like our work, please do Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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