We are in the middle of a technological revolution. Devices can run faster than ever, allowing you to communicate with the world at record speeds. Online socialization seems to surpass real socialization at times.

There are both good and bad apsects to technology. While the media likes to focus on the bad more, we will be taking a balanced look at both sides.

technology impact on health


1. Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Technology has made it easier for people with mental health problems to communicate. Someone who has social anxiety can talk to people online much easier than in person. Someone who has a mental health problem can speak out about their problem and find people who are dealing with the same issues.

2. Connecting With People You Could Never Meet

It’s weird thinking of a world where the only people you could interact with was the people in your town. Thanks to the Internet, you can meet with like-minded people all throughout the world. Relationships have been formed thanks to Facebook and chat rooms.

3. It Can Make Someone More Clever With Technology

While giving a kid a tablet is frowned upon in some cases, there are a few advantages to them growing up with technology and you can click here for more information on this and good tablets for kids. For one thing, they are much more savvy with tech and more able to adjust to new tech. It’s hard to teach an older person how to use the internet; think about all the grandparents who struggle with Facebook alone. By starting early, kids can be the next tech gurus.


1. Can Ruin Productivity if Used Wrong

It’s easy for someone to spend their time browsing Facebook or Wikipedia than it is to actually get their work done or have a productive hobby. This isn’t to say that wasting some time on those platforms is always a bad thing, but it is to say that too many people spend a bit too much time on them. If you find yourself browsing Facebook for hours, you may need to cut back, as that can make you more stressed in the end.

2. Makes it Harder to Sleep

No matter how good the energy drinks are, we still need sleep. There are some aspects of technology that could help with sleep; some people like unwinding with a show on Netflix or playing some relaxing music. But too many people are mindlessly browsing and the light from their device can keep them awake. Perhaps you should consider turning off the tech when bedtime happens. Good sleep means good mental health.

Also, many devices have blue light filters and night modes to lessen the impact. Try switching them on if you must use technology.

3. Drama and Debate

We do live in pessimistic times, where there is always fighting, nasty debates, and doom and gloom every time you turn on social media. This can have a bit of an impact on your mental health. You get angry when someone says something asinine. You get upset when it feels like the world is falling apart. Sometimes, you should turn off the computer, go outside, and realize that in most cases, life isn’t as bad as the Internet makes it to be.

So as you can see, technology has both good and bad aspects when it comes to how it affects your mental health. Obviously, further research does need to be done, and we are definitely interested to see how it impacts people in the future.

Until then, why not consider counselling online if you are going through a mental health problem? This is another advantage of technology and one that can benefit you if you’re suffering from the cons.