Games are a great way to pass the time, avoid boredom. We had many awesome games for PC and the trend still is continuing. However, after the release of Android, the smartphone users have increased. The history of Android is quite fascinating and the improvements in each version is beyond imagination. If you can grab an Android smartphone running on Gingerbread today, you can experience the change for yourselves. Gingerbread was one of the most widely used versions of Android. In fact, as far as I see it, Android became popular with the Gingerbread version.

Today, we have enhanced smartphone hardware and software which could handle high end graphic games. It’s not about just games anymore. We now need to get the best of gaming experience on Android smartphones too, isn’t it?

Those who have latest Android smartphones, this post is for you. I have handpicked 5+ awesome high end graphic games for Android smartphones. I loved playing these games personally and hope you’d too.

All you need to have, is a good internet connection to download the games. Also, for few games that I’m listing below, you need to have working internet to play. But trust me, you’d not feel sorry for downloading these games. Let’s get started.

5+ Awesome High End Graphic Games For Android

The below listed games does not confine to a single niche. They’re a mixed up list so that you would get one you are more interested in.

N.O.V.A 3


Man, I just loved this game. The game play is just awesome. N.O.V.A 3 is more or less similar to Battlefield you play on PC. With great graphics and a good story line, N.O.V.A 3 will amaze you for sure.

The first time I played it on my smartphone, I was little uncomfortable with the controls and all (it was my first time playing games like these on mobile phone). But, with time, I got good at it and am addicted to it.

high end graphic games for android

There are certain missions you need to complete, which includes a lot of alien killing. You head a crew and fight for your world. Doesn’t that sound interesting already? I was amazed to see, how the games for Android has improved.

And you know the best part yet? N.O.V.A 3 is completely free. You just simply have to download the game and start killing aliens.


high definition android game

Have you heard about it? The Zombie game it is, yes. Dead Trigger is one another awesome high end graphic games for Android. Killing Zombies, running for your life, freeing your friends from zombie capture is what the game is all about.

Who wouldn’t love to play a game of Zombie apocalypse? Dead Trigger 2 is the latest version, with enhanced graphics and game play. Controls are pretty impressive. Even if you are very new to playing these kind of games on Android, you’d easily manage with the controls.

The only thing that cannot be a good sight, is the red color all over the screen. As you kill a lot of Zombies, it should not be an issue. But, some people are not comfortable with the color. If you’re one among them, don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Are you interested in flight simulation? If you’re interested, then this is the best game you could ever play on an Android smartphone.

Extreme landings is one of the best games I’ve ever seen. Each and every detail of a flight is carefully put, to give you an experience very close to piloting a plane.

The game starts with a lesson to start an engine, take off and landings. A small mistake and you’ll have to restart it again. It is just like you’re driving a real plane.

The negative side of this game is, it uses a lot of RAM and increases CPU usage. The graphics are pretty amazing and hence, it is not unexpected. There is a chance that your phone heats up after 20 minutes of you playing it. However, it is a must try game for sure.

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SBK 15

racing game for android

Are you into racing? If yes, then SBK 15 is for you. SBK 15 is very similar to the MotoGP for PC. You don’t see unrealistic speeds and roads. The game play is pretty impressive with a very clear attention to details. However, the controls are quite confusing at the beginning.

Before you start the game, understand the controls and get on-board. Race like a real pro and beat the damn out of other bots.

However, the free version is not full version. You need to purchase the full version if you liked the game. Otherwise, you can enjoy the free version with different modes (Easy, Medium, Hard). Try the free version and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be satisfied with the free version.


high end graphic games for android

Did you play San Andreas on your PC? I mean, who wouldn’t play it? GTA VC / GTA SA is one of the most popularly known and played games. Isn’t it?

Now, you can experience San Andreas on your Android smartphone. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Do I need to tell more about San Andreas? Who doesn’t know about it?

But if you want to check the game play on Android, click here to watch the video. Good graphics and same game play as of PC. Kudos to the developers. But hey, it ain’t free. You have to pay 250 ₹ to get it on Android.

What are you still waiting for? Download GTA San Andreas today and play it.


addictive game for Android

Well, it is one of my favorite games I play on my iPad.

Do you remember Age of Empires? Stormfall: Rise of Balur is just like the same. You will be astonished to see the graphics.

I know Clash of Clans is quite popular, but I like Stormfall more for its high end graphics. I really have to say, COC is nothing compared to Stormfall, in terms of graphics.

However, in Stormfall, the attacks are automated. You just launch an attack and the game does the rest. Many COC players will be disappointed with this and wouldn’t switch to Stormfall for the same reason.

Stormfall looks quite automated in the beginning and the chances are pretty more, that you would not like to make it your primary game to play for killing time. But, once you pass few levels, you will be more than addicted to this game. Give it a try and thank me later 😉

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In case if you are not still convinced, just head out to the game reviews and check them out. You might then be convinced to give it a try, for sure.


asphalt-8 android game

Racing game at its best. Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most downloaded racing games on Android. Good graphics and nice game play with interesting in-game tasks made it much more interesting than the other racing games.

You should unlock the seasons by playing the race events in one season. The race gets interesting as you proceed further.

You can also enjoy Multi-Player race if you have a good working internet connection. Race against other players online and prove your talent.

However, the only thing that irritates me, is the updates. They release the updates fast and downloading over 1GB of data over and over with no improvements in the game is kind of frustrating. Apart from that, Asphalt 8 is a great game with excellent high end graphics.

If you’re not much into high end graphics and want to experience the race tracks of Asphalt 8, then Asphalt Nitro is for you.

Final Word

There are yet many awesome games that might not be on the list. If you are playing any high end graphic games on Android, do let us know in the comment section and help other readers get to know about them. If you didn’t try the above games, it’s time to try them. Happy Gaming experience. Do subscribe to our blog in the subscription form below. Thank You.