Hello Geeks. I’m here today with another amazing article for you. If you’re an Android user, then this one’s exclusively for you. I am going to boost up a little of your knowledge on your Android smartphone. Today most of the Android users are using Jelly Bean or KitKat Android Versions and a few use Lollipop version. Those who have Lollipop in their smartphone have so much to know about it, because there are so many features added in it. Here are the best Android tricks I got to know from my experience and a bit of online study. As we all know, Google every time comes with brilliant ideas. There are several Android Tricks Google didn’t stress much upon. From all regular users to the Business class people, these hidden Android tricks might be useful, just to make your day easy.

Android Tricks You Should Know

android tricks

Firstly let us take a look at the little known or hidden Android tricks in Jelly Bean. JellyBean is one among the most used Android versions out here today. Though the latest version is Lollipop, there still are many users who sticked with the JellyBean version for various reasons.

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Set up multiple users

If you have an Android tablet being used by all your family members and is running Jelly Bean, you might want to take advantage of the built in multiple user account support. Just go to Settings > Users. Tap on Add User at the top right to add a new person and then follow the on screen instructions.

Jelly Bean Daydreams

A new screensaver mode has been introduced in Jelly Bean called DayDreams. They are activated automatically while your device is charging or left idle. There are about five Daydreams preinstalled and a sixth Daydream has to be unlocked. This can be unlocked by one of the Android hidden tricks, ie. The ester egg trick.

Developer Options

Developer Options is an important settings menu for developers and those who like to tinker a bit to their Android Smartphone. If you don’t find this feature in your setting, then you are only a few taps away to get this feature enabled. Google for some unknown reasons hid this under the “Build Number”. To enable Developer Options, you just have to continuously tap 7 times on the build number faster.

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Add Your Favorite Widgets To Lock Screen

You can add widgets to the lock screen in Jelly Bean version. This means you can access your messages or calender without unlocking the device. You can also swipe to the left, to go straight into the camera app which is handy to take spontaneous shots.

Reboot to ‘Safe Mode’

In Windows users have an option to fix any problem with their machine in basic environment. Unlike Windows, Google’s Android Jelly Bean also have an option to reboot into safe mode. In safe mode all the third party apps will be disabled. If any buggy application is creating problem for you then you can reboot into safe mode and can delete that stuff out of your phone and get it back to normal state.

Android Hidden Tricks In KitKat Version

android hidden tricks

Next most used version in Android is the Kitkat version. Let us see some hidden android tricks in the Kitkat version of Android.

Photo Sphere and Google Maps

Photo Sphere is pretty awesome feature from Android 4.2 that allows you to take 360-degree panoramic photos. Once you’re done taking the photo, you can readily upload it to Google Maps, making it visible to Google Maps users. You can even use the Gyroscope to view it.

Use Your Face To Unlock Your Phone

Bored using patterns and passwords? Then you must try the new Face Lock option waiting for you in your settings. It scans your face, remembers it, then uses the Secondary (Front) camera to tell whether you’re the one trying to unlock your phone or not. You can find this feature in Settings > Security > Screen lock. Do not try to set-up your face in a dark room. You also have another option called “Eye Blink”, that can be used to unlock your phone by an eye blink.

Use Screen Casting To Send Your Mobile Screen To Your ChromeCast

With Android 4.4.2, Google added a casting option to many Android devices. This lets you send the video and audio files from your Android smartphone to a ChromeCast. For the uninitiated, this is Google’s alternative to Apple TV. You plug it into your TV’s HDMI port and it lets you stream video from services like Netflix and your phone. Oh, and it only costs £30. If your phone has the casting option you’ll find it right down at the bottom of the Display menu within Settings. It’s great for video, although not quite so hot for games as there is a bit of lag/delay.

Record your phone’s screen

Taking screen shots is a pretty useful feature developed in Jelly Bean. Now in KitKat we’ve got a feature of “Screen Recording”. This is very much useful when you try to demonstrate something or make a Youtube video on you smart phone. To get this you’ll need to follow the instructions.

Try The Next Generation ART Runtime

By default Android uses Dalvik runtime, which is a “just in time” compiler. Moving forward, Google is looking to use ART runtime, which is an “ahead of time” compiler. ART should be quicker and friendly on your battery. As more apps are optimised to use ART, you’ll find it more beneficial to use. You’ll need to enter the Developer menu to switch it on. Your handset will reboot and it will take a while to recompile your apps – you may even notice some stability issues after switching to this compiler.

All New And Hidden Android Tricks In Lollipop

Lollipop is the latest released Android version and it has a lot more features added to the previous versions. If you want to get some cool hidden Android tricks for Lollipop version, go through the below post.

Pinning Applications

In Lollipop, you can “PIN” apps so that whoever uses your phone, they are confined to use that one app. In order to escape, one would have to press both the recents and back key simultaneously and then go through your security challenge. To activate the feature go to Settings > Security > Screen Pinning. From then on, you can pin the last app in your recent apps menu by clicking the Mint-Green Pin button on the app’s bottom right.

Priority Mode

This is a perfect “Do-Not-Disturb” feature implemented by Google Lollipop, and it is extremely easy to access. Just click either of the volume keys on your device and slide the pop-up down. This can get you to set your preferences in priority mode. If you’d like to get no interruptions, or no alarms, this can help you. You can even set a time frame as long as 8 hours (or indefinitely). If you had a productive day and got tired, this features keep you away from your notifications so that you can take a peaceful nap.

Smart Lock

Locking systems are getting smarter these days. This Smart lock feature is used to make some devices trustworthy so that you need not unlock your device all the time. This Android trick is useful for those who make use of Bluetooth gadgets. For example, if your smartphone regularly connects to a Bluetooth device like your smart watch or car stereo, you can make it a trusted device in Android Lollipop. This will minimize the challenge to unlock the device at odd times. Especially handy in the car, where is little hard to handle your docked phone.

Hide Secret Notifications From Your Lock Screen

Android Lollipop has brought huge changes with the lock screen. It is now showing all the notifications on the screen which is an issue now. Thankfully, Google has thought of this and gave an option to hide our notifications from being visible: mostly ‘Messages’. Simply Go to Settings > Sound & notifications > When device is locked > Hide sensitive notification content. This will help you hide notifications from the lock screen. Apps that make use of this new perk will hide their content from the lockscreen.

Built-In Color Correction

Approximately 7% of the human population are suffering from one of three types of anomalous thricromacy. They take the colors a bit differently from the rest of us. In Lollipop, Google added a new Color correction feature (Settings >Accessibility> Color correction) that will visibly correct the display color contrast.

These are some of the hidden Android tricks on your Android Smartphone with JellyBean, Kitkat or Lollipop versions. We are always here to help you all. If you like our work, please take a minute to Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Your presence is very valuable to us. Thank You 🙂

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