Recently, there has been a security flaw in the OpenSSL encryption, used widely by most of the sites which we use daily like Facebook or Gmail. In fact, this security concern is found few days back by the independent research team in the organization Codenomicon and they informed Google’s security researcher Neel Mehta about it.

Heat bleed is a bug, which hackers take advantage to access the data transferred from any source. They can access any IM chats or emails or what ever information that is to be transferred. Actually, the encryption makes the data look like a non-sense to anyone but the preferred recipient can only see the original and understandable data.  This bug is not associated only with a single app or so, but it is associated to the OpenSSL encryption.

Recently, there has been a survey on about 959,000,000 websites out of which 66% use SSL encryption. This Heart bleed bug is really a very dangerous one as the hackers can access all the information from the sites which we think it is the safest and secure website. We have been facing this from the past two years without our notice unfortunately. The hackers left no trace for us to find from the past two years. Thanks for the Codenomicon team.

If a doubt raises in your mind about you being effected, Well you might be. The hackers can access all the information like Username, password or credit card details. It made possible for them to steal the encryption keys, by which they can actually read the encrypted data. It is suggested for all of us to change our passwords for those sites which you think you have sensitive information on.

The news actually came up only after the security researchers fixed it. So, it will be settled completely in a week or so. A simple advice is to change the passwords.