If you are a music freak but not using Dolby ATMOS Audio, then let me tell you buddy; you are missing an incredible experience. Dolby ATMOS Audio allows you to engulf yourself fully in the breathtaking sound. Yes, it is that good! Before I tell about the procedure to install Dolby ATMOS Audio apk on your Android device, let me give you a brief introduction on what Dolby ATMOS Audio is!

What is Dolby ATMOS Audio?

install dolby atmos audio apkIntroduced for the first time in 2012, Dolby ATMOS was initially used in movies. But within few months, Dolby ATMOS Audio was used in smartphones to give the users a chance to experience the great sound effect.

Few of the smartphones with Dolby ATMOS where you can lay hand includes Lenovo A7000, Amazon Fire HD 10 and Amazon Fire HDX 8.9.

Initially, one needed to have Dolby ATMOS certified hardware encoder for the functioning of Dolby ATMOS Audio but thankfully, it is not the case right now. This means that you can install Dolby ATMOS Audio apk on your Android Device (Marshmallow, Lollipop & KitKat) even when you don’t have that hardware encoder embedded in your device.

This is possible because the little bird has already ported the sound effect of Dolby ATMOS from the Lenovo ROM to other Android devices. It’s time for you to know the features of Dolby ATMOS Audio.

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Features of Dolby ATMOS Audio

  • Incredible Sound Quality– Dolby ATMOS takes the mobile entertainment to just another new level. With headphones on, you will get the feeling that the sound is lunging towards you from all the directions. Apart from that, the lucidity, richness, supremacy and depth of the audio will leave you speechless.
  • Moving Audio– Ever heard about moving audio? Experiencing moving audio means you will be having the feeling as if you are right inside the action of the audio that you are playing.
  • Powerful Experience– If you want to take the full benefit of entertainment, Dolby ATMOS is for you. It will inspire you and excite you and you will be left wanting for more.

If you are impressed by the features of Dolby ATMOS Audio, then it’s time for you to know the process to install Dolby ATMOS Audio APK. But before that there is something important that you should know.

But before you try to install Dolby ATMOS Audio apk, there is something important that you should know.

Requirements To Install Dolby ATMOS Audio APK

  • An Android device running on Marshmallow, Lollipop or KitKat.
  • Custom Recovery
  • Root Access

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I hope that you know that installing custom recovery and rooting the devices are risky if you do not know what you’re doing. And therefore it is not recommended by any manufacturers. It not only violates your device warranty but can also push you into a zone where your device will function partially or not at all. And therefore, it is very important to know that you to proceed to install Dolby ATMOS Audio on your Android device at your own risk.

It is always advisable to root your device only if you know how to do it or seek the help of a friend who knows how to do it.

Now that you in the area you are leaping, let me guide you to install Dolby ATMOS Audio on your Android device.

How to Install Dolby ATMOS Audio on Marshmallow, Lollipop & KitKat

Follow the steps given below to successfully have Dolby ATMOS Audio on your Android device. If you have already installed Custom Recovery and have rooted your device, then you can directly proceed to Step 3.

Step 1: Install a custom recovery in your device if it’s not already installed.

Step 2: Root your Android device [for the non-rooted Android devices].

Step 3: Download the following .zip files: Zip File 1[dap_r6.5.zip], Zip File 2[dap_r6.5.1-uninstall.zip] and Zip File 3[deep_buffer-remover.zip].

Step 4: Copy all the three .zip files either in the internal memory of your phone or in the external SD card.

Step 5: Boot into one of the recovery on your phone: TWRP or CWM.

Step 6: Now select Install and then go to the location where you have to save the .zip files. Tap on the dap_r6.5.zip file to select it and then flash it.

Step 7: From the Custom Recovery of your Android device clear both the cache and Dalvik cache.

Step 8: Reboot your device.

After completing Step 8, you will have Dolby ATMOS Audio installed on your Android device. You can access Dolby ATMOS Audio from the App Drawer of your smartphone. Select the sound effect from the app as per your requirement and experience the amazing audio quality.

Wrap Up

The downloading procedure has already been explained to you in detail but still if you are facing any kind of problem, feel free to contact me. If you encounter a situation, where you feel like uninstalling Dolby ATMOS Audio from your device, then you can take the help of the Zip File 2 and Zip File 3 that you have downloaded. All you have to do is flash them one after the other (similar to Step 6). If you have successfully managed to install the app, tell us about your experience. Thank You.