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iOS and Android are two most used platforms around the world. Most of the developers consider the profit factor and release their app on iOS, then on Android. But, there isn’t any way to access Apple apps store on Android. Ever wanted to check on the apple apps store on Android phone you have? Until now, it seemed impossible. Give it a second thought. You now are just a few words away from getting on the trick to view apple apps store on your Android, using an app. Isn’t this cool? You can view the Apple apps store that only iOS users usually have access to.

Use Apple Apps Store On Android

It isn’t difficult as you’re thinking right now. Accessing Apple apps store on Android is very simple with just few clicks on your Android smartphone. One app lets you have access to the store. And this wonder app is named as “Apps Explorer.”

Apps Explorer for Android
Source: ShoutMeTech

To access Apple apps store, all you need to do is, Install Apps Explorer on your smartphone and start using it. Apps Explorer is an explorer for official Apple apps store. With this, you can view on the apps available on iStore and check the details regarding the app in the description and can also view screenshots of the particular app.

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Best Features Of Apps Explorer

There are few mentionable features of Apps explorer. Below are a list of them.

  • Apps Explorer is easy to use and allows you to view the complete list of apps available on iStore.
  • You can choose the type of apps you want to view by modifying the selections like App ratings, Popularity, Top Free, Top paid etc, very similar to Google Play Store.
  • And the best feature we have in this Apps explorer is its ability to check whether a particular app is available on Android or not.
  • We can easily know the popular apps on iOS that are currently running and are used by people. Developers can get some ideas to develop apps for Android, similar to the popular apps on iOS.
  • As users of Android, we also can get to know on the most popular apps on the iOS eco-system and thus check if the app is available for Android. This helps us discover new apps on Play Store.

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More..! That Could Be Added

As no app is completely perfect, Apps Explorer is not an exception. Most of the Bloggers or App lovers, reviewers might love this app. But, an emulator or at least a video demo of the app could be added for better understanding on a particular App. Sometimes, a description and screenshots couldn’t satisfy you, isn’t it?

Feel free to mention if there are any apps you know out there on Play Store to access Apple apps store. Hope you like this trick to access iStore easily for free on Android. Do not forget to Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You 🙂

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