For how long have we been hearing on the word “Future Technology“? No wonder, that the future of the technology always changes with us. One day, we come up with an idea, design a prototype and expect that to be the future technology and then the very next day, we find/realize the hazards it can cause and so terminate the emerging technology at the very beginning. So, is it not that the emerging super technologies always keep changing?  The future of today, is the present of tomorrow and the past of the next day. No wonder why we are in a great need for the new technology every day the moment we open our eyes. We’re now officially lazy enough to do everything that man has once done and so the latest technology emerges. As it is said, “Necessity is the mother of Invention“, I say, “Laziness is the father of Necessity.”

I don’t mean, every single forward steps towards the technology is wrong. But there are some emerging technologies, which stand in support to my statement above. Apart from my statement above, let me give you some myths on the future technology that we have been hearing for some time. Believe me, most of you would wish they are for real by sometime.


There are some serious expected future technology which stand to be myths for now. Let us see what they are.

A Flying Car

For quiet some time, we have been hearing on the Flying Car. We have seen several videos of the prototypes being developed and tested. But, is there any official release in the market so far? No, there isn’t any release. There are several reasons and factors that stop the release of a flying car. Technology as we see today, isn’t constant at this phase. It keeps changing. The concept of a Flying car was first discussed before the year 1917. Since then, there are several tests conducted, several prototypes released, but the result is still a zero.

Flying Car
Audi Calamaro Concept

Why aren’t there any Flying Cars today? If you have the same question running on your mind, you must probably have not thought for the reason, at all. If you think for a second, there should be a question on your mind by now. “How long does it take for someone to learn on flying safe?” “How could the driver get the route & traffic signals?” GPS? Doesn’t work all the time, all over the world. “How does it effect the Environment? Mileage factors, Noise, Safe Landing? ” These are all the areas where there aren’t sure shot ways to cope with. So, the concept of Flying car is still a myth for now. There has been a series tests for the Prototypes Designed. The test results are revealed for us.

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Street Lights That Absorb CO2

I once came upon a new technology invented by scientists. As Global Warming has been increasing day by day, the scientists have researched on something new this time. A new generation of Street Lights. Yes, you read it correct. Global Warming can be controlled with this latest technology in the street lights. The Street Lights discovered are capable to absorb CO2 around them and thus reduce Global Warming. The major proportion of the cause for Global Warming is due to Green House Gases(CO2). So, this could be the best way to reduce Global Warming.

Latest Technology

But, generally Trees take(inhale) CO2 for the synthesis. If these lights are to absorb CO2, will that not cause any disturbances in the ECOSYSTEM? For this, the lights have been equipped with sensors. It calculates the amount of  CO2 present around them, leaves some CO2 for the trees and absorbs almost all of the remaining. So, this could really help to reduce the Global Warming.

KeyLogger Software That Records Every Keystroke 



Above is on the Flying Cars. But, the another future technology myth(for now) is, Fully Automatic Cars. We now, however have Automatic Parking enabled cars already on roads. Yet to come are the Fully Automatic cars. This could reduce the stress of the driver and also could prevent accidents reducing the death rates. The only thing that is needed for this to happen, is perfect design of the Integrated Chips and Sensors and their quality.

Future Technology

This Fully Automatic cars, we can see in many Hollywood movies, like I,Robot and many more. That happens to be a myth from more than a decade and the Engineers and Scientists have been working together to make that real on roads. But, for now, it still stands in the list among the other Future Technology Myths. Prototypes created are being tested for now.

Many More Still On The List

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There are many more on the list, but are not popular or not very useful. No one could ever be able to discuss on all the Future Technology or the Emerging Technologies in the coming future. All we can do is to wait, or design something ourselves. Discussing on Future Technology is way similar to discussing on the Universe. No matter how much you discuss, there are always people who agree and doesn’t agree to the topic or fact. Here, it is same in the case of the Latest Technology and the Emerging technologies.