flipkart bigbillion days 2 sale

Chances are there that you are hearing about Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 a lot more than required in this month. Are you curious to know about the Flipkart’s Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale? If yes, then keep on reading the post, because today we will talk about the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale.

The first Big Billion sale organised by Flipkart was a moderate success because it left few customers angry, but it seems like Flipkart is all ready to organise its second Big Billion Sale, in this month from 13 October to 17 October. Many buyers are waiting for this sale because you never know what surprise is in store for the customers of Flipkart.

The tag line of this Flipkart’s Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale is, ‘Abhi nahin toh kabhi nahin’.

So, this is your time to grab all the stuffs that you have been eyeing for so long. We will tell you about everything related to Flipkart’s Bigbillion Days 2. Keep reading to know more about the biggest sale in India. The most important thing without which you can’t participate in the India’s biggest sale by Flipkart is the mobile app of Flipkart. The sale if only for the Flipkart app users.

Schedule of the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale

According to the official website of Flipkart, the schedule of the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 is as mentioned below:-

1. 13 Oct to 17 Oct : Fashion
2. 14 Oct to 17 Oct : Home & Appliances
3. 15 Oct to 17 Oct : Mobile & Accessories
4. 16 Oct to 17 Oct : Electronics & Automotive
5. 17 Oct : Books & More

Now, that you know the schedule, let us look what kind of preparation you should do for the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale.

How Should I Prepare For The Flipkart’s Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale?

Preparing for the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale, is not a Herculean task. Follow the steps mentioned below and you will become ready to enjoy the benefits from Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale.

Step 1: Get the latest version of the Flipkart App
Step 2: Make your Wish list before the sale takes place.
Step 3: Save your delivery address
Step 4: Save your Debit/ Credit Card

flipkart bigbillion days 2

Customers will be able to enjoy extra 10% off if they have the following debit/credit cards: State Bank Debit Card, SBI Card, Citi Card, Standard Chartered and Yes Bank

Note: All the details of the Debit/Credit card will remain save with Flipkart. (As said by Flipkart)

With discounts in more than 70+ categories, you should buckle yourself for the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale. Now that you are prepared, let us see what the preparations are done by the Flipkart to make the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale, a success. Sachin Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Flipkart has said that, “Big Billion Day this year will be many times bigger. We also want to see our mobile platform play a larger role in serving customers during this year’s sale.

Though in the previous Big Billion Days- India’s Biggest Sale, Flipkart received negative remarks from most of the customers but still it managed to make whooping $100 million from the sale.

What has Flipkart learned from the previous mistake? Well, read it by yourself. Mukesh Bansal, chief executive of commerce at Flipkart has said that, “Infrastructure and data centre to support scale, dealing with the transformation to mobile, and incorporating social shopping will be focus areas

So, as there is very little space of mistakes by Flipkart, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Flipkart app and make your wish list. We would like to hear about your shopping experience after the Flipkart Bigbillion Days 2 – India’s Biggest Sale is over. Happy shopping!