Flipkart big app sale

[Update: Install Flipkart Mobile App With Single Click]

Big Billion Day of Flipkart made around 600 crores worth sales in just one day. Though there are some angry customers, Flipkart made something out of it. Now, it is planning on another event by name Big App Sale from 8th to 12th of December. It is expected that the prices could be low on these days compared to the normal price of the products. But, we cannot expect the same, as it was on the Big Billion Day. So, what exactly is this Big App Sale? Let us see about it.

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Big App Sale seems to be like a part of promotion of its app. To get benefit from this big app sale, you need to download the app from the official Flipkart store. The app must’ve been specially designed for this sale. This sale is just for 4 days where huge discounts can be expected. And, you can avail the offers only through the app. You can now view the Flipkart home page and click on the “Send Quick Install Link Now” to get the app. Once you get the app, you can find offers on multiple products and order them in these four days (8-12 Dec).

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Yes, you can make some bucks out of it through your affiliate links. And the best part is, from now on, you can earn affiliate commission even on the mobile app purchases. Below is the email from Flipkart. Go through it and you’ll get an idea on this.

Dear Affiliate Partner,

Greetings from Flipkart! As you are aware, Flipkart Affiliate Program is the only Indian affiliate program to make affiliate tracking live on Mobile Apps. So, apart from the mobile website (m.flipkart.com), affiliates can now drive their mobile traffic directly to Flipkart’s Mobile Apps (Android/ iOS/ Windows) as well. This opens up a new Flipkart platform (Mobile Apps) wherein our affiliate partners can earn commission revenues.

Also, we are glad to inform that Flipkart has planned the BIG APP SHOPPING DAYS promotion (8-12 December) which will feature an array of consumer promotions, ultra-deep discounts across all categories, huge price drops as well as Bank Cashback offers applicable only on Flipkart’s mobile apps (Android/ iOS/ Windows). All the consumer promotions on Flipkart’s Mobile Apps, amplified with a high impact mass media campaign, will ensure high traffic on Flipkart’s mobile apps and an even higher conversion rate for the mobile traffic coming through your website/ blog/ mobile apps, thus resulting in higher affiliate earnings. And there’s more for our affiliate partners – earn DOUBLE commissions on all categories/products (only applicable on Flipkart mobile apps)! (Note- Double commissions not applicable for referral sales/orders happening on Flipkart’s desktop website and mobile website).

Considering Flipkart’s upcoming BIG APP SHOPPING DAYS promotion campaign and the opportunity to earn increased commissions this month, it is imperative for you to adopt smart affiliate urls to enable deeplinking functionality for mobile apps through affiliate links present on your desktop & mobile websites/ blogs/ mobile apps. Following are the benefits of coverting the normal affiliate urls to smart affiliate urls:-

  • Better monetisation of your mobile traffic as the traffic conversion rate for mobile app is more than double that of the mobile website, which in turn would help increase your commission revenue by a large margin
  • Due to DOUBLE commissions being offered on Mobile Apps platform in December, affiliate partners have the opportunity to earn even more commissions this month, since for the same transaction/order happening on the mobile app instead of mobile website, you earn higher referral commission/payout
  • Improved user experience on Mobile Apps (vis-a-vis mobile website) results in a better conversion rate.

This is the email from Flipkart affiliate team. So, by now you must’ve got an idea on how it works. The major reason for this is to ensure affiliate commissions for purchases on mobile apps. Until now, there isn’t any chance of providing our affiliate links for the purchases done on mobile apps. Now, with this change, there is a chance to earn commissions on the purchases from mobile apps too. But, there is a little that you should do to ensure that.

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You should add “dl” tag in order to make your affiliate link applicable to the mobile apps. Suppose if it is the normal home page link, it would be like “http://www.flipkart.com/affiliate_id” . Now, all you need to do is, add “dl” tag to this link. It should be of the form “http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/affiliate_id“. Replace “WWW” with “dl” and immediately after the flipkart.com, add “/dl”. Now, if anyone purchases through this link on their mobile app, you can get your commision.

Hope you get it. Be smart this Big App shopping days and make some bucks out of it.