Google has been working on the concept of Self Driving Car [s] for quite sometime now. Google had been testing the concept cars on the streets of Mountain View, California. With an aim to release the concept cars to the public in the coming few years, Google has been focusing more on development and testing the self driving cars. However, earlier this month, Google’s self driving car recorded its first ever accident.

Google’s Self Driving Car Hits A Bus While Changing Lane

Google's self driving car

There were previous instances where the Google’s cars have been in accidents, but this is the one where another driver is not at fault. The scale of accident is very minor, as the car just slid over a bus while changing the lane at a speed of 2 mph. The car sensed sand bags on the road, and had to switch lanes to avoid collision. At such a low speed, it believed that there would be enough space to merge into the traffic, and the bus driver would understand and slow down. However, that didn’t happen and there was a hit.

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Reviewing the crash, Google added “a tricky set of circumstances that’s helped us improve an important skill for navigating similar roads.” Also the report reads a statement where Google takes the blame saying, “We clearly bear some responsibility, because if our car hadn’t moved there wouldn’t have been a collision.

Such instances in the testing phase should help the designers to focus more on the situation handling systems in the car. Google believes the same and looks at the positive side of the situation, which would allow to improve the navigation systems.

While it may take few more years until the concept of self driving cars are made consumer ready, Google is concentrating more on avoiding such instances in the future. You can also read the monthly reports on Google’s Self Driving cars.