It’s sad when you do not have a good experience with your Android smartphone regarding the battery life. The reasons might however be more in number, but the applications installed on your Android device does matter a lot, when it comes to the issue of battery drain. We now have several applications on the official Google Play Store to boost the battery life, but with just proper knowledge on the applications that are responsible for battery drain, it should be easy to manage it ourselves, without seeking the help of another ‘battery draining’ application that claims to improve the battery life. Don’t you think so?

Top Apps That Drain Android Battery Life ‘A Lot’

facebook app drain android battery lifeBelieve me or not, the top applications that drain Android battery life a lot, are “Facebook” and “Messenger” apps by Facebook. It is no surprise, as the two applications must constantly run in the background to deliver you a notification immediately when something happens on your profile. But, the battery drain you experience would be way too much to pay the price. According to ‘makeuseof’ website, an Android blogger experienced a boost of 15% for the applications launch after uninstalling the two apps.

So, now we know, it just isn’t about the battery life, but also the speed, RAM consumption is at stake when you have these two deadly applications installed on your Android smartphone. If you are very much worried about the battery life, just ‘Uninstall Facebook’s official apps’ right away and experience the increase in battery life for yourselves.

You can also track the apps that are responsible for draining your smart phone’s battery using  few apps. Check out the list by clicking here.

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How To Access Facebook After You Uninstall Official Apps?

It is very easy for me to say, to choose a good browser and use it. However, that would just make you very uncomfortable. So, let me bring it down for you, two best alternatives to access Facebook from an Android Smartphone. The two browsers you can rely on for accessing Facebook are: ‘UC Browser’ and ‘Google Chrome’.

Alternative: 1

Once you login to your Facebook account through UC Browser, you can receive notifications (messages, reminders etc) for which you should install two applications normally, if its for the official Facebook apps. UC Browser is also fast, reliable and works much better even on a low speed internet connection. So, this stands as an best alternative to access Facebook.

Alternative: 2

But, the timeline of Facebook users these days are flooded with number of videos and GIF’s. I personally didn’t like UC Browser for this feature (to play the videos on Facebook). For this very reason, I missed the official app. But, I’m not going back to installing them and sobbing for my Android smartphone’s battery life over and over again. So, I chose ‘Google Chrome’ for this. Google Chrome does its best when it comes to optimizing the content (video or text) for users. You can easily play videos or GIF’s on Chrome (may be also on default Android browser).

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Round Up

You might not feel good about switching to different browsers, just for the sake of playing videos or GIF’s. But, this saves a lot of battery and also improves the speed of other applications during launch (only if you uninstall the Facebook’s official apps).

With no Facebook app on your phone, you’ll probably feel very uncomfortable in the first few days, but eventually you’ll know that it is for the sake of your lovable smart phone. Let us know your views on the same, ‘Facebook’s Official apps drain Android battery life‘ through the comments below. Also do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.