Google I/O meet on Android M

After the recent Google I/O meet held in San Fransisco, Android M was one of the popular trends till date. Expectations on the latest version of Android, Android M has been more ever since the L update from Google. Lollipop update had a great positive response from the users for its eye-catching UI. However, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google quoted that: Android M might not be eye-catching update as Android L is. Google has started over again with the basic stability and performance issues to make the devices that run on Android M to be stable. We still have no official information on what M stands for, in Android M. In this post, you will get the information on the expected features of Android M.

Expected Features Of Android M

expected features of Android M

Android M features were revealed to the slightest at the recently held Google I/O meet. There are six major updates that we can expect to see on our device, while some features among them are also based on the device’s hardware. Here’s a checklist on the expected features of Android M.

  • App Permissions
  • Finger-Print Support
  • Mobile Payment
  • Web Permissions
  • App Links
  • Support For USB Type-C
  • Power And Charging

The above are the officially announced major updates that we can see in the Android M.

App Permissions

Till the present version of Android, App Permissions are used before installing an app on the device. You can just check the “Unknown Sources” option in the settings and then, you are allowed to install any third-party apps on your Android device.

Google with the Android M update, is trying to change this. In the Android M version, App Permissions are about to have a major role, unlike the previous versions. You’ll have to select between “Allow” or “Deny” for every feature you are using in a particular app. An example was explained on WhatsApp. Suppose you wanted to record your voice on WhatsApp, then you will be prompted with a small dialogue box with a request to “Allow” or “Deny” for the first time. The next time, you don’t get that again. This feature is to ensure the safety over the Web for the users.

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Finger-Print Support

Finger-Print support has been an additional feature in the Android M update. This, however requires the hardware ability of the device. With Android M from Google, we can expect most of the leading smart phone companies to already start working on the prototype device that support Finger-Print scan. The finger print scan not only does unlock the phone, but can be used during the purchases online or within the Play-Store.

Mobile Payments

Android Pay is the new feature of Android M which allows the users to pay securely on Web. This is supported by more than 700,000 stores in US for now. Android M is developed with an aim to provide “Simplicity, Security and Choice” to the users. Most of the card types can also be used to pay using Android M. This would definitely be an interesting and useful feature in the M update.

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 Web Permissions

Chrome Custom Tab is the new feature added in Android M. With several links being provided on various sites or apps, it is always a little frustrating to navigate from an app to browser. The Chrome Custom Tab option allows you to open the required web-page on the top-bar while you’re using any other application. Chrome Custom Tab allows Auto Sign-in, Saved Passwords, Auto-fill etc. Burke at Google I/O meet quoted, “Chrome Custom Tabs is a new feature that gives developers a way to harness all of Chrome’s capabilities, while still keeping control of the look and feel of the experience.”

App Links

When you select a link, Android doesn’t know whether to show it on Browser or an app that can support the link. You can sometimes see an prompt box asking you to choose manually. This comes to an end with Android M. Whenever you click a link, Android M directly recognizes the content and opens according to it. So, if you tap on some link, an app that supports it, will directly be opened. Or else, the link will be opened on a browser without always asking you to choose manually.

If you do not have the respected app installed on your device, you know what it does 😉

USB Type-C

Google announced officially that Android M will have its support extended for USB Type-C. Apple has this feature and so, Google must definitely stand in a line of competition to it. We can expect to have USB Type-C supported devices in the coming mobile tech generations.

Better Battery Performances

Android M developer version has been already tested on Nexus 9 and is observed with double the standard battery back-up of the device. Android M identifies the stand-by position of the phone and reduces the battery consumption.

Round Up

These are the primarily expected features of Android M. The fact that UI is not considered seriously is a bit disturbing. However, if rest of all the expected features works fine, that’s what we need for now. In the next minor updates, we can still hope for better improvements. The release date is not yet officially announced. We still have to wait for it. If you like our work, please Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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