trending topicsWhen it comes to Blogging, I’m sure almost every blogger tries to update their blog with the trending topics in order to gain traffic and also to rank higher on search engines. There are various methods to get income through Blogging. The most popularly chosen source is through GOOGLE ADSENSE. Traffic is the most important factor that is considered while deciding a blog’s income or popularity. But, gaining traffic through search engines is the most difficult task that every Blogger would face. Must be very well versed with using the KEYWORD PLANNER and the various requirements for the blog to rank better. Here is the complete guide on HOW TO WRITE BLOGS.


The first point one must definitely keep in mind, is to write on what his blog is about. Writing on some unrelated topics would rank the blog lower. As I have taken a large category, I write on multiple topics. If it is a blog on gadgets and named as gadgetfreaks or so and if articles on Blogging are published, it gives negative impact to the audience. So, be selective while choosing a domain name and stick to it.



Every single day, there are around lakhs or even crores of topics that exist in the social media, Television or on paper. But only some topics are heavily popular that most of the people would search for. Trending topics are those where many people would like to know about. Apart from the day-to-day trending topics, there are some topics which Indians in particular would love to read about. Writing on those topics might give you higher traffic than any other topics.



Writing on Love could bring you huge amounts of traffic. A simple share on the social media would alone bring you good traffic. But while writing on love, you must definitely be very clear and should consider sensitive people too. People in India are more attracted to know something about love and so the chances are more for them to visit your blog and read. There are higher chances for the people to click your links.


In the recent days, Dating through social networking sites has been increasing. So, some frustrated persons who would not get one opposite sex would definitely try using online dating sites. If you write on some online dating sites and their reviews, or you provide some dating tips, that would get you good traffic.


Most of the women, even men are now considering internet as the major source to improve their sex appeal. Being beautiful/handsome is the one every would want. There are higher chances that every teenager would click on your link if posted in the social media. Nobody wants to avoid looking good and improving their sex appeal.


This is another most trending topic ever. Most of the teenagers prefer to read the review online. So, if you write reviews on some devices or apps, there is a chance for you to get good traffic. But, there are already many other popular sites that provides a complete review of mobile phones (like GSMARENA etc). You need to work hard if you chose this topic.


Writing on movies is one other better topic you could choose. It is easier to write on a movie, the pros & cons. The cast and crew, you could easily search it in Google. A personal review alone couldn’t attract a larger audience. Giving the exact review will make your readers trust you for the next time.

These are the five evergreen trending topics in India. All I have mentioned above can bring you good traffic just by sharing on the social media alone. If you use the keyword planner and follow the steps for writing a blog, you could also rank better on search engines. Being long and having good number of visitors gives you a good rank, good income too. Cheers..!