Money is the basic and important part of our life today. The more you earn, the more is your chance of living HAPPILY. This is what many believe in. And the easiest way to earn more is by getting into Network Marketing Business. This has suddenly gained its pace in the recent past. The source, however is unknown, its spreading fast like some virus that transmits very fast by mere touch of one person to the other. The facts behind this are unknown to many. I would like to share the facts behind this business as far as my research gains the information from various sources. Before getting to the facts behind this program, let us first see what it actually is.


Network Marketing as simple as referring a person(count++). You refer to someone you like through word or social media or however you like. What do you refer? Be it a website, a policy or anything like that. You first join the process by paying some fee as they demand for. By paying, you will be marked as a member of that family. Now you get to refer any other by which you will get a share ( as simple as affiliate marketing). To know about Affiliate marketing, click here. Now coming back, Network Marketing is slightly different. You’ll have some mathematical calculations of how you will be paid through the chain. It differs for every individual product or company. A simple strategy is, “Refer some and let the chain continue and get paid huge.” The line where many innocents fall prey.


There’s always a controversy of Network Marketing being legal. But, as per my research, it is illegal in India. I wouldn’t like to talk much about this here though.


There are numerous scams accounted through Network Marketing. Suppose, you were said that you would get around 32L per annum by referring just 2 persons a month. Let the amount to be paid is around 10,000 INR. You generate around 8,000 people in your cycle per annum if the chain is continued as 2/mo. How much does the company you are referring to make? I’m leaving it to yourself. Calculate 10,000*8,000. If you wish to get clear details on the MLM and Networking Marketing scams, click here.


Network Marketing in India is growing popular now-a-days. I was amazed to look at how people, often youth fall prey for this. It’s juts waste of time and money (your investment). I’ve recently been through a seminar on this in Vizag and was amazed that many of the Engineering and other Degree students have already fell prey. In the seminar I’ve attended, I was said about and the plan I mentioned above represents ebiz marketing strategy. After my research on this, I found this too as fraudulent. For any proof regarding this, click here. For further proof, click here.


I would suggest that you don’t trust these scams. They will be very attractive and tempting for you. But, you would be in trouble later. Remember one thing, “Money earned with ease is the Money earned illegal.” It takes long time to make more and more money. Earning 32L per annum is nearly twice or even thrice the annual salary of an IITian. Think before you join.

Your views too matter a lot. Feel free to post your views here. Thank you.