Switching mobile phones will be fun, but transferring the whole contacts from your old phone to new one is a very irritating and time taking task. It is always better to have contacts saved on your SIM card. If you’ve saved your contacts on the device memory, then you would need to transfer all the contacts manually. Having no idea on the easier way to transfer contacts could definitely ruin your mood. What if you have shifted to Android from iOS? For you, we have the easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android was once easy with iTunes as it had the option to sync with your Google account. Since that option is not available now, you’ll need to follow a different process and fortunately, you’re about to get it here.

Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Since there is no option to sync your iTunes with your Google account in the latest update of iTunes, the task/process to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android was made a little lengthier but not difficult. For transferring contacts from iPhone to Android, you can now use Apple iCloud services. Sync your contacts with the Apple iCloud to export your contacts to vCard files (VCF) and then import them to your Google account. To do that, just follow the below steps.

  • First of all, login to your iCloud account. To login, follow the path: Settings->iCloud.
  • Enable Contacts. By enabling the contacts, it syncs your contacts to iCloud account. You need to definitely have good internet connection to perform this action.

The above two steps sync your entire contacts on your iPhone to iCloud account. Now you can create VCF (vCard Files) and export them to your Google account. For that, follow the below process.

  • Go to iCloud site on your PC or Laptop. Click here to open iCloud site.
  • Sign in to your account, the one which you’ve used on your iPhone.
  • Click on “Contacts”. You must be seeing your contacts that you’ve synced earlier using your iPhone.
  • Select the contacts you want to export. You might either select all or choose among the available, according to your choice.
  • Click on the “Action Menu” option available on the bottom left corner that is symbolized with a gear wheel icon.
  • Select “Export vCard” option from the list of menu items available there.
  • A VCF file will be downloaded now on your browser.
  • Now go to your Google account. You need to import the contacts to your Google account. To import, go to “www.google.com/contacts”.
  • Once you have opened the site from the above link, on the left panel you can find an option as “Import Contacts” window.
  • A pop window will appear and you have to drop the VCF file which you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • Click on Import and all the selected contacts will be imported to your Google account. Just wait till the process completes and then you’re done.

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Once this is done, link the same Google account to your Android smartphone and then go to Contacts->Contacts to Display and select either “All Contacts” or select the one’s from which you want to display your contacts. Now you can see all your imported contacts. So this is the easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (any Android Smartphone). Other than this, you need to either manually save each and every contact or leave your smartphones contact database empty.

 Don’t Want To Follow This Process In Future?

I’m sure no one would like to follow any of the processes in the future as these are little time taking tasks. For that, we only have on option and it is very simple. All you need to do, is move your contacts from Phone memory to SIM card. Having contacts in SIM card is the best way to avoid any of these issues like: loosing contacts while shifting your mobile phone, while resetting your phone etc.

So the suggested way is to have contacts both on SIM memory and Phone memory. Hide contacts on SIM memory while using your phone. And the next time you shift to a new phone, you can have the contacts on your SIM memory and thus there will not be any need to transfer/import contacts again. Hope you found out the best way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. If you like what we have here, take a minute to subscribe to our site. Thank You 🙂

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