Are you one of the iOS users? Be it an iPhone or any other product that runs on iOS, there is this best iOS data recovery software which might come in handy to you. The online era has finally arrived and is expanding its technologies ever since it first stepped into the market. More and more softwares, products and applications are being released for the user to put him in comfort zone. And one among the applications that sync with the products running on iOS is: Dr.Fone for iOS – The Best iOS Data Recovery Software. In this post today, you’re about to get the details on what this Lost data recovery software does, and why it is the best in market.

Dr.Fone – iOS [Lost] Data Recovery Software

It is sad when you save all the data on your device and loose all of it at a time. Sometimes, it happens to most people, where they think it is safe to save the data on their devices and then, for just one wrong click the data might be lost forever. There’s no easy way, you can bring back all the lost data. That’s the scenario before Dr.Fone – iOS Lost data recovery software had stepped into the market. There is no reason for you to feel unsafe and no need to be afraid of loosing your data. With this iOS data recovery software, you can simply get back all the lost data. Does it sound interesting? If it does, check out further details.

Complete Details Of The iOS Data Recovery Software

Before starting to use the software, you might need to know what it does. Dr.Fone iOS data recovery software helps you in retrieving any type of data like iMessages, Contacts, Photos, Calender, Notes and many more. You can also retrieve the data from iTunes, iCloud, Photo Stream, Video Memos, Voice mail & app data from WhatsApp etc. This iOS data recovery software seems to be one of the best softwares to retrieve the lost data on your iPhone/iPad/iPod & is also compatible with all versions/models.

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Points To Consider Before Using Dr.Fone Data Recovery Software

There are a few limitations from the iOS. You need to ensure that you stick to these rules.

  1. Once the data is lost, do not add new data to the memory. This might be a problem while trying to retrieve the data. It will overwrite the lost data and hence you might loose the already lost data forever.
  2. When you connect your device to PC, make sure you do not sync with iTunes. To avoid this, you can either manually close the iTunes or change it from opening by getting into preferences and check the box that says “Prevent iPhones, iPads, iPods from syncing automatically”.
  • Recovering data using the Dr.Fone iOS lost data recovery software is a very simple task, which is just 1 click away.

iOS data recovery software

  • You can also view the data before actually restoring it on your device.
  • This software is also compatible with the latest iOS8.
  • Download Dr.Fone iOS data recovery tool for Windows.
  • Minimum OS requirements for Windows: W8.1(64 bits)W8(64 & 32 bits)/W7(64 & 32 bits)/Vista(64 & 32 bits)/XP(32-bits).
  • Download Dr.Fone iOS data recovery tool for MAC.

data recovery for iOS

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How To Use Dr.Fone iOS Lost Data Recovery Software?

As I already have mentioned, using Dr.Fone iOS data recovery software is very easy. But, to be very particular in delivering you the process of getting back all the lost data to your device, below are the steps. Follow them to retrieve your lost data on your device.

  • First of all install the software on your PC/Laptop.
  • Connect your device to the PC and make sure you do not sync it with iTunes. Doing this might not help you in getting back your lost data. Also make sure, you have the latest iTunes installed on your PC.
  •  Once you’ve connected your device to the PC, You can see a screen something similar to this.

dr fone for ios data recovery

  • On the top left, you have an option “Recover From iOS Device”. Click on it and start the scan.
  • The scan starts and it searches for all the lost and existing data on your device. This scan time may vary according to the size of the data that was lost.
  • Once the scan is finished, you can see all the data (exisiting and lost). You can filter to view only lost data.
  • Now, it’s time to restore the data. Select the files that you want to restore and click on “Restore” button available at the right bottom.
  • That’s it. Your lost data is now retrieved.

Following above steps will help you to recover the lost data by using Dr.Fone – Best iOS data recovery software available in the market for free. Hope this helps you. If you like our work, please Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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