WhatsApp being the most popularly used messaging app, needs no introduction. However, using WhatsApp on our Android smartphones is restricted to a single number. We cannot use two different numbers on WhatsApp at the same time, in a device. However, things have been changed ever since the initial release of WhatsApp plus. WhatsApp plus had allowed users to use multiple accounts on a single device. Similar to that, is the GBWhatsApp. You can simply download GBWhatsApp apk and install on your Android Smartphone to use another number for WhatsApp. The best part is, you need not root your device to use GBWhatsApp.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

download GBWhatsApp

Some of you might already have an idea about GBWhatsApp, while some of you might not. Let me brief you about GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is an unofficial mod, which lets you use WhatsApp with a secondary number on your smartphone, which normally is not possible officially.

WhatsApp plus was famous before GBWhatsApp, which was now shut-down. Users who used WhatsApp plus had also faced a ban from the official WhatsApp for few days. After the rise and fall of the WhatsApp plus, there were few other mods like OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Among all the other mods, GBWhatsApp stands the best.

Why Should You Download GBWhatsApp?

It is not just about downloading a mod and you use it for a lifetime. If it isn’t the official build, you should expect few bugs while running the application. No application is immune to bugs. One day or the other, you might face some bugs. So, you’ll need proper developer support and frequent updates. That is when GBWhatsApp comes into the picture.

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Best of WhatsApp Status Updates

There are few points that I can tell you, to prefer GBWhatsApp over any other mods.

  • GBWhatsApp rolls updates, based on the latest version of the WhatsApp.
  • Ever wanted to copy status of someone else? You can do that on GBWhatsApp.
  • Also, the character support for WhatsApp status is 255 instead of 139.
  • Most importantly, official WhatsApp will not ban you for using GBWhatsApp.
  • Doesn’t it bother you when you are restricted to send up to only 10 images at a time? With GBWhatsApp, you can now send 90 images in a go.

And there are more such awesome added features in addition to the features that are available in the official WhatsApp application.

Do you now want to download GBWhatsApp apk and install it on your device? I guess you might want to.

Download GBWhatsApp and install it on your smartphone. Check the same link for any future updates of GBWhatsApp. The link to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp will be updated as soon as there is an update. Let your friends know about it and have fun texting.

The installation process slightly changes from the conventional way and every step is detailed clearly for you to not have any issues while installing GBWhatsApp. Let your friends know about it and have fun texting. Thank You.


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