grades should not define you


Grades Shouldn’t Decide Your Talent?

Most of us being students, over think on the very same concept. No matter how hard you might work, plan, prepare, and present, sometimes it is also the matter of luck. We see many of our friends with good or better knowledge flunk in one or two subjects. And those with little or lesser knowledge might score very good comparatively. Why is that happening? If marks could really be a synonym of intelligence, the world wouldn’t have seen most scientists as we have today. Einstein, who is considered as genius of the world, is a slow learner and never understood history. In fact, he used only 33% of his brain’s total capacity. This could stand as a best example to prove marks aren’t the only thing that should decide your intelligence or talent.

Wait, there’s one more thing. When I said the above few lines, most of you might have felt a little happy, filled in confidence that you’re not a failure. But what I’m going to tell you now might change that perspective. I really do agree that marks/grades are not the only source, also should not be the only source to judge a person. If you’re intelligent, creative, sportive and positive, nothing can possibly come in the way to your success journey. It is a fact, that Einstein is a slow learner and might have flunked a few subjects (though we’re not sure). But man.! He’s genius. When you’re extremely good at something, then you might not worry much regarding your grades. Ask yourselves some questions today, “What am I actually very good at? What do I know? What can I do? How do I define myself?” If you have answers for these questions, grades definitely do not define your intelligence or worth.

We see some troll images on Facebook or some other media featuring some stars or geniuses. For example say: BILL GATES. If there’s a post like: “I failed in all subjects in my Engineering. My friend scored first in all subjects. Now my friend is working in Microsoft while I own it”, you must notice that there are actually two sides in this story/post. Unfortunately, we see only the top side (projected side) leaving the real (important) one.


Grades/marks do not define you. It is okay: If you fail in some subjects (or) leave your course as you might also be a star someday in the future. You’re not a failure at all. Something’s gonna work out for you soon.


Though he’s poor at presenting himself in the exam, he’s extremely good at something which made him popular.

So, if you can observe the second side of the post, you would not consider the projected side. Nothing waits for you. You have to create everything. It is very easy to get distracted by reading such posts. But, you should consider them, only when you’re very good at something.

For Example:

Consider a CSE student, who’s well versed in programming skills but poor at all the remaining subjects. Is he gonna make it to the end of the course he has taken? Definitely NOT. Even if he made it, he would have a very low % and hence would not even be considered eligible to attend the interview. Does that mean he is worthless? Not at all. He could make his living somehow, with the knowledge on his programming skills & techniques. At the same time, if there’s someone with low grades and with no skills in any field, is completely doomed.

So, what I wanted to convey is, “Build yourselves stronger in what you like, love and are passionate about.” Do not go in the way everyone does, if it’s a wrong path. Dare to choose the right path even if no one follows you or accompanies you. Never stand in a queue for grades and never stop considering them totally. They’re evenly important for a better future. After all, if you really are intelligent, can’t you score at least 60%+ ?

So, as a conclusion to the post, I would recommend you to consider your grades be an important factor but not the only factor to determine your talent. If it is not for the grades, then prove you’re genius and are good at something. Unless you’re either genius or have good grades, the world’s gonna laugh at you. Never Ever give that chance. Start building your life, do something great, at least try something great and you can be the star attraction someday or the other in the coming future. All the Best. 🙂