When was the last time  you  took a day off from technology? Switched off your mobile, tablet and laptop. Given that everything that happens around us is directly or indirectly linked to the social networks, it is near-to-impossible to stay away from technology. It connects us with rest of the world, being intrusive, providing over-whelming amounts of information, photographs, articles and all that’s happening around the world. This overflow of information, has created an epidemic- “walking zombies”.
Solution? Leaving social-media creates a void, and creates what we call fear-of-missing-out(FOMO). All that people talk of now-a-days is “dude, did you see his/her photograph on Facebook, so at social gathering you have nothing to do apart at stare at others.  The advent of better cellular connectivity and better cellphones has made it possible to be online throughout the day, not matter what the geographical location. So, if you’re at a mountain savoring freshly plucked mangoes, and if there’s adequate cell connectivity then you can sure post the photograph on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp your gardener- to show what a real mango looks like.
Personal experience shows that being logged into social-media websites and trying to do something productive is just as horrible as being indifferent to the task in hand. Multi-tasking demolishes the joy of single-tasking; being able to dwell in the task and have fun while doing it.
Employ “Digital Detox”- try it out for a weekend. At least, for the weekend stay off the internet. Turn off notifications on your phone,  unplug the modem if you’re blessed with lesser willpower. Stay connected to the real world- visit the places near to your home, savor the nature, breathe in the surrounding, who cares for a  photograph. Read a book, have hearty conversation with loved ones. Stay connected to real world leave “virtual world” behind cause when you look back you’d rather cherish interaction with the real world than a like or comment on Facebook ( Atleast for the weekend).