The Chinese giant: OnePlus, had launched OnePlus One around an year ago with a popular ROM CyanogenMod in it. The recent release of OnePlus Two with its new Oxygen OS has been one of the hot topic among all the OnePlus lovers. OnePlus had managed to get the attention of many users with its lovely and smooth interface and specifications at lower price. OnePlus One was/is one of the best smartphone’s available in the market. With a recent price drop, OnePlus One is one of the best choices to go for.

install Oxygen OS on Oneplus One

However, OnePlus Two is the latest kid in the OnePlus family. With lot more features added including a Finger Print sensor to a hardware button, OnePlus Two ships with Oxygen OS unlike its predecessor OnePlus One.

There were few reviews from the users on Oxygen OS who already have owned the new OnePlus Two. According to the reviews, Oxygen OS gives you a stock Android experience with some tweaks added. Though there are not considerable changes from CyanogenMod in the OnePlus One to Oxygen OS in the OnePlus Two, you might still be curious to install Oxygen OS on your OnePlus One.

It is officially announced that the OnePlus One users will NOT be getting an OTA update to Oxygen OS. Though this might disappoint you, we have an alternative to flash the Oxygen OS on OnePlus One. You’ll just have to download few files, place it on your phone memory and start the procedure.

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Before you start the procedure, keep these points in your mind.

• We do not take responsibility of your phone if bricked. It is completely of your choice to proceed further.
• You must download all the required files before starting the process.
• Keep the phone charged to 80% or more to avoid any problems while flashing Oxygen OS on your OnePlus One device.
• The process wipes out entire data. Make sure you take a full backup of your device.

Required files to Download:

1. Download ADB and Fastboot Drivers
2. Download TWRP Recovery
3. Download SuperSU zip File
4. Download Oxygen OS ROM For OnePlus One

How To Install Oxygen OS On OnePlus One?

Now that you have downloaded all the required files on your computer and are ready with your device charged to 80% battery, let us start the process. Follow the below steps carefully to start the process to install Oxygen OS on OnePlus One.

There are 4 different steps to complete the process. They are:
1. Unlock Bootloader
2. Install Custom Recovery
3. Root your OnePlus One
4. Flash Oxygen OS

How To Unlock Bootloader in OnePlus One?

• To Unlock the Bootloader in OnePlus One, you need to first download the ADB drivers from the above mentioned link. Once you’ve downloaded, extract it to your Desktop for easy use.
• Make sure you have the necessary drivers installed on your PC to use fastboot commands.
• Now turn off the device and enter into the fastboot menu by holding the Volume Down + Power button. You can see a text “fastboot” which indicates that the phone has successfully entered into the fastboot mode.
• Now connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
• Now go to the ADB drivers folder which you’ve extracted on the Desktop, hold Shift button and right click somewhere on the white (empty space). You can see an option “Open Command Window Here”. Click on it.
• You’ll then have to enter the following commands.

fastboot devices

If your phone serial number appears, then it means that all the necessary drivers are properly installed on your PC and you can continue. If it doesn’t show up, you cannot proceed further.
• Now enter the following command to unlock the bootloader.

fastboot oem unlock

Now, enter the following command to reboot the device.

fastboot reboot

Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build number 7 times. This enables Developer options on your OnePlus One.

Head back to Settings and then to Developer Options. Click on “Enable USB Debugging” and Disable CM Recovery Protection. To do that, go to Settings -> Developer Options and Uncheck “Update recovery with system updates”.

Now close the command prompt on your PC.

By following the above procedure, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your OnePlus One.

Now you have to install custom recovery on your OnePlus One.

How To Install Custom Recovery On OnePlus One?

In the above download links provided, the TWRP file must be used to install custom recovery on OnePlus One.

Before proceeding any more further, you’ll have to rename the file to recovery.img” and place it in the same folder as you have ADB_Drivers.
• Turn Off the phone and again enter into the fastboot mode (hold Volume Down + Power button).
• Open the command prompt again and type the following commands.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

• Once the process is completed, type the below command.

fastboot reboot

• By this, you have successfully installed Custom Recovery on your OnePlus One.

Its time to root your OnePlus One now. And after that, you’ll be just few clicks away from installing Oxygen OS on your device.

How To Root OnePlus One?

Now that you’ve unlocked the bootloader and installed Custom Recovery, you’ll have to root the OnePlus One. To root OnePlus One, follow the below steps.

• In the above mentioned download links, You have the SuperSU zip file. Copy the file to your phone.
• Boot your phone into the recovery mode (Volume Down + Power Button)
• Go to Install and browse to the SuperSU zip file location. Select it and swipe to confirm.
• After the process, reboot the phone and your OnePlus One is now rooted and ready for the final step – Installing Oxygen OS.

How To Install Oxygen OS on OnePlus One?

As you’ve unlocked the bootloader, installed Custom Recovery and Rooted your OnePlus One, you are just few steps away from flashing the Oxygen OS.

• In the above download links, the Oxygen OS for OnePlus One file has been given. As you already had it stored on your PC, extract the file.
• There will be two files and copy “”.
• Now connect your phone to PC and copy the file to your OnePlus One.
• You’ll again have to enter into the recovery mode (hold Volume Down + Power Button).
• Select Wipe option and delete Cache, Dalvik Cache and data.
• Now head back, select install option and ‘Choose Zip from SD Card’ option from the available options.
• Select the Oxygen OS zip file that we have copied earlier and confirm it.
• Once the process completes, reboot the device.

By following the above process, you can now use Oxygen OS on your OnePlus One. Hope you like the Oxygen OS experience on OnePlus One. If you have any queries, please let us know in the comment section. We’ll try to reach you to answer them as soon as possible. If you like our work, please Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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