Technology, the trend now. Many different latest technologies are coming into the market everyday. Some of them are very useful and some are just useless. Here comes the another new technology named CUPID (Chaotic unmanned personal intercept drone). What is this? It looks just like a toy helicopter of bigger size which we see in the bollywood movie 3 Idiots. I observe that this CUPID and and the design shown in the movie are same. Because as in the movie, here CUPID have 4 wings and a camera attached. We can fly the CUPID by observing the monitor.

What does a CUPID do? To my amazement, it provides 80,000 volts shock. As every new invention has good and bad effects, the CUPID is not an exception. Just imagine, a machine which can give you 80,000 volts of shock, if it is available in the market and your neighbor purchases it and gives you the shock, you are done. People may try it on the people who they hate and then it would be a lot of mess all around. But don’t worry, it will not be available in the market.

The CUPID HEXACOPTER is only a demonstration of what a drone tech could do and achieve more in the future. It was not really tough for the employees to make CUPID though it took some time. But it was a real difficult task to test it. They needed to reduce the shock volt and the stun length and needed a long space of hall. The stun is equipped which is the source to give the shock in the CUPID. When you fly the machine, with the help of a camera, you could see the target and give shock.

And it was also decided by the team not to release any technical details about the CUPID. It will not be commercially available in the market. This will just remain as an experiment on drone technology.