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Writing a blog is not so easy as it seems. There are many people who think, writing a blog is too easy as they keep reading many. But practically, it isn’t. The first time you start writing one, you probably go writing some irrelevant and stupid article. So, in order to be successful in blogging, you must definitely avoid some mistakes in Blog Writing. And fortunately, it is easy if you follow some basic rules before and while you develop and write your post for your blog.

As I already told you, writing isn’t really an easy task. If you see my older blog posts, I’m not even close to what I’m today. You can see me improved. This is all the result of constant work and practice. One should definitely practice writing, to write well. Also, he must always keep reading. Blog Writing is possible only then if you constantly keep noticing other writers way with the sentences and vocab.

So, now that I already gave you some intro on the topic I’m going to discuss on i.e; Blog Writing, let me tell you some common mistakes that you should avoid while writing a blog. Do you think you don’t make any? Believe me, you are making a few. After all, we’re humans and we make mistakes. But rectifying them is what makes us and defines us. And if you’re the one among those who’s afraid to even try, as they think they’re poor at writing, then Change Your Attitude. We should always improvise our skills and try to do our best.

A Brief On Blog Writing

blog writing

So, What Blog Writing actually is? If you have the answer for this question, you’re halfway there already. But, if you don’t have an answer, do not worry. I will give you one. Getting back to the point, Blog Writing is just where you kinda give answers related to your niche. If you’re good at something, then you should search for the most searched questions or topics and deliver your answers of your experience or knowledge. Isn’t it simple? No, it isn’t.

Why isn’t it simple? Because, you need to have some sort of knowledge to speak about. You can’t simply write something of your choice. If you are about to write an article, you need to have clear and vivid way of expressing your thoughts. If you do not, you might not reach more audience. Writing something that you do not have any idea on, is not at all advisable.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Writing A Blog

Mistakes in Blog Writing

It is common to make some mistakes while writing a blog. But, try to rectify them as much as possible. I’m not talking about the common mistakes like errors in spellings or grammar mistakes. You need to definitely take care of them before anything. But, there are some serious mistakes that you should avoid while writing a blog. So, I have pinned down some basic and common mistakes that bloggers generally do as a newbie (or some even with experience). The below are a few of them.

No Match To The Title And Content

write for humans

This is the most common mistake done by most of the bloggers. In greed to get the traffic to their blogs, they make cachy titles that attract more number of visitors. But, they fail to create the content relevant to the title. This spoils the trust of your users once they land on your page. And now, Google has considered this issue very seriously and had penalized many blogs which have the same issue. So, better do not create a hype with the title. Because, if the expectations are not reached, you will loose your blog readership eventually. So, always make title relevant to the content.

No Images At All

Most of the newbies do not use Images, as they eat some time. But, images are worth more in a blog post. A post with no images at all is not worthy at all. People generally are attracted to images. And if the image is good and gives interest, they go with the content. If you keep on writing thousands of words with no images, most of them quit reading in the middle and that might not be good for you. So, try to use images in your posts.

using Smush.it

If you’re worried about the page load time, use smush.it to compress the size of the images without sacrificing the quality. It is one of the best tool to optimize/compress images online. Though this process takes a little time of yours, it is worth the work. As you work about an hour to get your content ready, try working about 5 more minutes to optimize and add the images.

Using Highly Professional Vocab

You may be very good with words, but you must keep in mind about your readers. After all, you are writing for your readers, not just for you. Most of the readers prefer simple and plain sentences to sentences that confuse them a lot with highly professional words. Of course there might be some, who would understand high vocab. But, in order to attract larger audience, simple and straight-forward sentences are the best ways of approach.

Using More Varieties Of Font Styles In A Single Post

This is a very serious issue. Using more varieties of Font styles in a single post makes the post clumsy and hard to read. I also see some newbies, turning a few, yet whole sentences BOLD. It is not required to turn the complete sentence into Bold, to just highlight it. Try selecting the main keyword you want to focus and turn it into BOLD in order to attract the sight of the viewer on that line. These two points should definitely be considered while writing a blog.

Too Short or Too Long Content

content is king

Having too short content or too long content might be the reason for your visitors leave your page. Be descriptive while writing a post, but do not brag it unnecessarily. At the same time, do not just cut short the points you wanted to share. The average word count that suits for both Search Engines and visitors is between 1200-2000 words. So, stay in this boundary for better results.

Over Stuffing Or Not At All Using Keywords

Using keywords is very important for Blog writing, but over stuffing is dangerous. If Google recognizes that you’re over using the keywords, it may penalize you for that. So, keep the keyword density about 1% or even less for lengthy posts and about 3-4% ideally for a bit shorter posts. In either of the cases, stuff your keyword in the right places. Do not use it unnecessarily with no relevance to the sentence.

Not Having Custom Permalink Structure

Having a custom permalink structure is also equally important in Blog writing like any other aspect. The best suggested structure is “http://domainname.com/post-title”. This structure is the best advisable permalink structure. Having structure like “http://domainname.com/2014/11/post-title” is not advisable. Try changing it if you are not using custom permalink structure.

Tip: Do not use Stop words as your keywords.

Not Following SEO

This also is one of the most important things to be considered in Blog writing. One must definitely follow SEO in order to make his/her blog successful. If you’re not sure on SEO, don’t panic. We have several articles here at Interest Waypoint, to give you clear Idea on SEO. Go through the articles below for sure.

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Once you’ve gone through each and every link above, I’m sure, you now have a clear idea on what SEO actually is.

Note: Also Proof read your articles once before you publish them. You might find some mistakes and could get the chance to edit them before someone really reads them.

So, these are the common mistakes that many of the bloggers make in Blog writing. Avoid these mistakes and make your blog more furnished. Happy Blogging.

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