Etiquette is a French word which means code of behaviour accepted by social groups. It can also be termed as common courtesy. Cell phone etiquette is widely discussed since these little portable devices helps us stay connected, get on with our work comfortably. These widely ubiquitous device also pose a serious threat, standing out a mere-annoyance-if no particular discretion is followed.

I digress, the following is a brief post on what cell phone etiquette or manners you need to follow in order to fit in to this judgemental, cynical society!

  1. The best ringtone others like is the one which they can’t hear. So, when you get out of the house, set your phone on vibrate or silent even. At least choose a ringtone which sounds as a phone, not mini home-theatre systems.
  2. The places where one should silence their phone include: Movie theatres, schools, meetings, hospitals. Use your common sense and decide where it would be inappropriate to blare your ringtone.
  3. Never, ever, text and drive/ride. That text can wait. Driving requires unparalleled attention.
  4. Don’t talk on the cell phone in the bathroom.
  5. Don’t shout on the phone when you’re in public. And avoid discussing personal topics.
  6. Don’t have speaker-phone conversations in public.
  7. As a personal rule I don’t like using phones near the dining area.
  8. Don’t talk on the phone and walk, else you could end up as a funny video on YouTube.
  9. Turn off keytones. They serve no purpose and are equally annoying.
  10. Don’t constantly use your phone when you’re having an actual conversation with someone.
  11. Don’t send texts that you’d not say in real-life, remember that digital data can be forwarded further upping the embarrassment.
  12. When you call someone always tell them who you are! Unless, you happen to be Morgan Freeman, everyone recognizes the voice of God(*wink*wink*).
  13. Don’t use someone else’s phone without their prior permission. Looking through texts, photographs can be considered inappropriate(modern day equivalent of reading someone else’s letters).
  14. Don’t flaunt your phone, it is so 90’s.
  15. As a rule-of-thumb don’t call or text after 8pm in the night and before 8am in the morning, unless absolute necessary.
  16. Set your phone on silent when you sleep. There are intelligent apps which let a call through if someone calls twice. So, functional as well.
  17. Don’t play media on the phones’ speaker.
  18. When you’re waiting in a line to pay, don’t use your phone.
  19. It is okay to miss a few calls. Getting back to them either thorough a quick text or call can be deemed socially acceptable.
  20. Finally, follow these cell phone etiquette  and you’d be considered to be the person who utilises technology, not the other way round.