Android – The most happening Mobile operating systems in response to iOS that ruled the smart phone market once a time. Android, as you all know is an open OS i.e; it is free to develop. One who develops the applications for Android users is an Android developer. Anyone interested and have the touch on coding, can develop any application using Android Developer tools officially provided by Google. It is available for free download at

Android vs iOS

Unlike iOS, there also are many developers who contributed their self made applications to the Google Play Store. Some do this for making money online, while some do with passion. Interestingly, a new survey says that, developers tend to choose iOS over Android after working for some time as an Android developer. It must be true, because the iOS programmers and mobile consumers are very large in number in the United States and Western Europe while users of Android are very large in India. So, there are more chances to earn more while working on iOS as a developer.

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Why Developers Prefer Android At The Start?

The prime reason that the developers prefer Android at the start is its global reach. Android, hits nascent smart phone markets in regions like Asia, India, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. As more users come online with Android smart phones in emerging markets, we correspondingly see new and relevant interest in developers to develop for Android. 34.4% of developers now prefer Android as their primary application platform, compared 32.7% of the developers that first target iOS. On average, developers target 2.9 different platforms for mobile development, indicating we live in a multi-platform world.

But forced to choose where to start, more go with Android. This trend is more pronounced in tablet application development. According to a new Evans Data developer survey, 84% of those who want to develop for tablets, target Android compared to 62% targeting iOS and 52% targeting Windows.


There are developers in the database who have published their apps for both iOS and for Android. That ends up breaking down to 15% of Android developers and 3% of iOS developers. Who are involved in this cross platform development? Well, AppStoreHQ pulled out some of the big names, like Gameloft, Facebook, PayPal, Yelp and Amazon, but plenty of other developers are on that list too.

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What are the Tools used by Android Developer[s]? 

The best source for developing an Android application is “Android Studio“. It has variety of tools that helps Android developer[s] to develop the mobile applications for the Android platform. It also has an intelligent code editor that helps the developers easy to debug. It has various list of Application programming interface (API) levels supporting different versions like GingerBread, ICS etc. They are used to design the applications in different layouts.All the details regarding the App development right from making the first application to publishing in play store are neatly given in Android’s Official site.

Google Android Developers are also provided with a Developer Console to monitor their projects and apps. This is the home for publishing operations and tools. This console contains all the details regarding all your published applications including alpha and beta testing. This is really helpful for the developers to know the feedback of their applications from a group of Google community developers.

Transfer Your Files Faster Using Xender – Android Application

If you want to develop an application, you need to learn JAVA. Once you get through it, you can go to the training section given in the below link. You may require some skills in Javascript and XML. However this is manageable by referring over Internet. There are also various integrated Development tools (IDEs) like Eclipse, Monkey X, Titanium, IntelliJIDEA etc. used for making an Android application with some additional plug-ins.

Download Android Studio

Download Guidelines

What Do They Hire Android Developer For?

Most of the companies hire developers to post their applications available on iOS to Android, or to test it and detect bugs from it. Since everything in this OS is based on JAVA, many people claim to be able to write the programs. However, simple knowledge of Java does not make you capable enough as an Android developer. There are many Android-specific features that a developer needs to know about. There are many good open source libraries that you should be aware of, and it would be helpful if you have some open source projects on your own.

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It would also be better if you have some involvement with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), either in the form of bugs filed or patches submitted. This shows a deep understanding of the Android platform, which can be very useful. It also means you know where to take code from, as the AOSP has some great reusable code in it. While hiring, the companies go through all these profile of yours and check your interest and efficiency as an Android developer. Although Java knowledge alone is not enough to make a great Android developer, proficiency of the Java fundamentals are must.

So, these are the basic things you must know if you ever wanted to be an Android Developer. Hope this helps you. Thank You.

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