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Today, this is an interesting topic for almost all the users of internet, in particular to those who are trying to make a penny using Internet. For the past few years, majority of the people have started using Internet services. The main reason why most of the youth are on Internet is Facebook and Twitter. Is Internet meant only for fun? No, still there are a lot of things you can do over Internet, out of which, one is to earn money online. But, how can you earn money online? These days there are many fake sites cheating with the same concept. How do you differ them from the genuine sites? How do you know if a site really pays you once you finish your work? In this article, you’ll find answers for all your questions.


best ways for earning money online

Let me first tell you the ways you could earn money online. Of course there are many ways to make money online. But, I’ll here discuss only most popular and best ways to make money online. Try yourselves and make some money.


Most of the people make money online by Blogging. This is the best way to earn money online and also some popularity. Why do people generally Blog? The first reason is to earn money online. And the second is Passion towards it. If someone says, he’s Blogging for passion but not money, do not believe him. After all the hard work, who wouldn’t expect money? But, in Blogging we shouldn’t expect to make money right from the beginning. It takes some time and is worth it. If you are new to Blogging, first learn the basic concepts required for Blogging. Creating a Blog is so easy and if you do not have a blog, try WordPress from the start. It is the best Blogging platform and next comes the Blogger.

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How To Make Money Online Through Blogging?

So, by now you know that you could make money online through Blogging. But “HOW?” is the question in front of you. It’s very simple.

  • Write great content for about 2-3 months from the beginning. Share your blog in social media, make it popular among your friends. You can now apply to the famous ADNetwork – Google Adsense . Once your blog is approved by Adsense, you can place Ads on your site and earn revenue if someone clicks on Ads you display.
  • There are many other ADNetworks that pays you, but the CPC(Cost per Click) is very low for them. Some of them are CHITIKA, INFOLINKS, REVENUEHITS. These ADNetworks do not require any minimum page views. But the other ADNetworks like BUYSELLADS, MEDIA.NET pays higher per click and require more number of page views. Signup under PUBLISHERS in all of these sites.
  • Product reviews are the other sources to earn money online. But, you can get someone to pay you for a review only if your blog is popular and have good Alexa rank, DA, PA and PR would be an added advantage. You can check all these under one roof at MOONSY.
  • Paid posts are the other sources to make money online through Blogging. Paid post is to write an article, fully SEO optimized for someone who is willing to pay you for that. Your pay depends on your blog popularity and his requirements. At the beginning, you really may not get good sum, but this is one way how many bloggers earn money online through Blogging.

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Affiliate Marketing is another best way to earn money online. There are many service providers for affiliate marketing. The famous Online retail stores Amazon and Flipkart affiliates are the best way to start with. And you also have many other sites like Hostgator where you can signup as an affiliate and make some bucks out of it. All you need to do is, publish your affiliate links. Or if you have a blog, you can display you affiliate banners there and expect someone to buy from your affiliate. This works out only if you have huge traffic to your blog. Or, if you only publish links on some social networking sites, you are likely to get some bucks out of it only if you are a celebrity with huge following. So, this is a little difficult for some one who isn’t popular and for those who do not have a blog. But, once you are trusted by people, this becomes the best source for making money online.


This is another source to earn money online for those who are not interested in Blogging or Affiliate Marketing. For Freelancing, you should have some special talent. Only your talent gets you a job and you will be paid once you complete that job. The best site for Freelancing is FREELANCER. There are many other sites that pays you for working on some projects. In these sites, individuals posts a project and required qualification. Freelancers bid the project and expect for the approval by the project owner. Once he accepts you, you can start working on it and submit it to get money.

The other website that you could try to earn money online are :

The above are the websites where you could earn money by completing the projects. You also have some other websites where you should teach, be a tutor to earn money online. The below are the sites :

So, done with the method of Freelancing. We still have many more opportunities to make money online, out of which DATA ENTRY is the easiest way. But, finding a genuine site for Data Entry is work is a difficult task as there are many fake sites that exploit users.


earn money from youtube

Another source to make money online is through Youtube. To earn some bucks through Youtube, all you need to do is, create a channel of your own and upload videos. Once you have a good number of videos and views, you can apply for Adsense(similar way to blogging). Once your account is approved, ADS will be displayed and you start earning money through Youtube account. It is believed that, Youtube alone can get you more revenue than any other works you do online. So, better give it a try. Make sure you have more number of views. Promote your channel all over the web and get views. But do not spam.


no cheating

Most of us are cheated at least once when we try to earn money online. But, how can we not get cheated? Even in Freelancer, there might be a slightest chance of you getting cheated. So, better be careful before you start working on anything online. Follow these simple tips and do not let others cheat you.

  • If you come across any website in the web with a description, “Earn 100$ in less than an hour” or so, make sure you just google the web address and find if it is a fake. For example, let the website be “XYZ”. If you have a doubt on it, search as, “Is XYZ a fake site?” . You can see the results where in you get many reviews about that website. Or post a question on Quora.
  • If someone posts in a group with a description as “I can provide you 10000 page views a day”, do not poke him. He’s a cheat. He asks you to deposit money in his account and the chances of you getting traffic are very minimum. Even if you get good traffic, it must be Black Hat SEO techniques which are not good for your Blog.
  • Do not buy Adsense accounts. You need to pay a good amount to get an Adsense account and there is no guarantee for that account from not being banned. Get your Adsense account instead of buying it.
  • Regarding the Data Entry or Copy Writing jobs, if someone asks you to deposit money on his account before you get paid, the chances of you getting cheated are maximum. Think before you pay them. In this case, you do all the required work and also loose money. Double Dhamaka 😛
  • Do not sign up to some sites that say you will be paid for a friend of yours visiting the site through your unique referral link. They are 100% fake. Follow the first step when you encounter such sites.

So, in this article I have given you the various sources and sites to earn money online and also some tips to not get cheated. Be careful and try your luck. Don’t be so desperate to make money online. You need to have some skills and once you implement your skills, you can definitely earn money online. I now hope you use Internet wiser than how you use now.