best smartphones under 10000

When it comes to gadgets, the most loved are the Smartphones. Without Smartphones, I would not dare to imagine my day at all. No matter where we are, the one thing which will always be with us is a Smartphone or at least a phone. These days, we have many Smartphones with wide range of specifications at affordable prices. We must choose Smartphones which suits us. So, here are the best smartphones under 10000 with good specs and also good usability and user reviews.

Best Smartphones Under 10000

After all the advancement in Technology and most particularly, with Android Operating System and hardware, we now have smartphones at lesser price. Let us see the best smartphones under 10000 available in the market today.


Asus Zenfone 5

Asus Zenfone 5 is one of the best smartphones under 10000 available today. Asus Zenfone 5 has the best camera quality that we can get at this price. With an interface that attracts every individual and the speed and ease of accessibility, it would be the best option to go for. Asus Zenfone 5 comes with an internal memory of 8GB and at a price of 9,999/- . Read the complete review of Asus Zenfone 5.


Moto E

Moto E was one of the famous phones under 10000. With the release of Moto E in Flipkart, there were nearly millions of pieces sold in just hours. The demand for this phone increased day by day. It was one of the first Smartphone with high specs and low price with good usability and so people loved it immediately. But, the cons of Moto E was the camera and Internal storage. No support of Front view camera and no LED flash available for the Rear camera and 4GB internal memory are the biggest drawbacks of Moto E. But, how much could you expect for a 6,999/- mobile phone? Read the complete review of Moto E.


Canvas Juice

Micromax Canvas Juice is one other budget phone. The build quality and the usability of Canvas Juice is good, but it lacks in attracting the users with bright display. The internal storage of Juice is also low at just 4GB (similar to Moto E). At a price less than 6500/- , nothing more could be expected. Above all, the user reviews are not very bad. One could go with this phone if the budget is less than 6500/-


Redmi Note

Ah, Xiaomi is equally popular like any other brands in the market today. Xiaomi’s Mi3 pieces were sold in millions in the span of just hours or less than an hour. The other product from the Xiaomi is, Xiaomi Redmi Note. It has the high end specifications of 2GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and 13MP primary camera similar to that of the Asus Zenfone 5. This ranges about 9k online. The official partner is the Flipkart. One good option to choose. But, Xiaomi is known to have security issues, like transferring all the user data to the Chinese database.


Nokia Lumia 630

If you are the one who’s into Windows OS, then the Nokia Lumia 630 is the best suggested smartphone under 10000. With a wider screen, faster performance and brighter display, Lumia 630 is one among the windows phones loved by the users. 520, 620, 525 are nearly outdated models, but I should say Lumia 620 display was no way less than any other high end mobile. With a HD display, Lumia 620 stands in the list of one of my personal favorites.

These are the 5 best smartphones under 10000 price range for this year 2014. Hope we would get some more good and quality phones further in the year 2015.

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