For newbies in blogging, its always a confusion on using the best SEO tools. Depending on their blogging platform, the way of following correct SEO depends. If it is Blogger, you would not need any tools. You simply need to build your links, use ALT tags for images, provide custom permalink structure and some off page SEO is what all you need to do. But, coming to WordPress, you can use a wide number of Plugins to customize your blog. Every plugin has its own value. But make sure you do not use more number of plugins. Using more number of plugins will increase the page load time of your blog which isn’t good for your blog. Google had recently included the page load time as one of the major considerations to rank a blog and index it.

Now, before I tell you on some best SEO tools, you need to first submit your blog to all the major search engines ( if you did not submit yet). The following are the list of Search Engines you could submit your blog to ( Submitting content is just entering you URL).

Must Know: ” What is SEO?


Who doesn’t want their blog to be recognized by Google? Most parts of the world completely rely on Google search. So, you better start with Google. Submit your content  to Google, so that your blog will be recognized by Google.


Submitting your blog to Bing is the next after you go with Google. Even most of us use Google, there are still millions of users who rely on Bing search. Why leave them? So, submit your content to Bing. Note that, Yahoo and Bing are the same. Once you submit your content to Bing, your blog will also be recognized by Yahoo search Engine.


Submit your blog also to Yandex. Yandex is one of the other search engines that can get you some good traffic. But you can find it very rare, as most of us are unaware of it. But submitting blog to many search engines can help you sometime in the future.

These three are the major search engines you can submit your blog to. Even if you do not submit to Yandex, your blog will automatically be recognized once you have decent traffic.


Submitting your blog to search engines helps for the ranking of your blog. With more number of Visitors coming to your blog through search engines, your blog’s rank will be higher. You need to keep track of your Alexa rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, Moz Rank and Moz trust. You can check all these at a single place @  Moonsy .


Okay now enough of this, let me tell you some best SEO tools as plugins for WordPress.


SEO tools

This is one of the most used and most trusted plugin by all most all the gems in blogging. Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud personally suggests this plugin for better SEO. What can you do with this plugin? Oh, you can do a lot. You can create sitemap, keep track of internal links, social sharing, permalinks and your RSS feed. This plugin provides all the features alone. So, this is considered to be one of the best SEO tool/plugin for WordPress.



This is a plugin for WordPress where you can set to revive your old posts automatically. Some old posts, which you may forget to promote will automatically shared on your timeline by giving authorization to this plugin. Re-sharing content may get you some views and there by revenue. It also helps for your blog ranking.


Link Checker is another WordPress plugin that helps you keep track of any broken links on your blog. You can simply adjust the time for this plugin to run. Suppose if you give 36hrs as time gap, this plugin runs in the background every 36 hrs and notifies you on your dashboard. You also have an option to be notified through email. This is one of the other SEO tools.


Akismet is a WordPress plugin used to avoid comment spamming. This is used by millions of bloggers and is one of the suggested plugin to install on your WordPress.


Using Adwords keyword planner  is one of the another SEO tool. Integrate it with your Google analytics account and keep track of your users. This plays a major role to drive  traffic to your blog. Use it the correct way.

These are the best SEO tools that you could use to get your blog ranked better on Google and other search engines. SEO is basically divided into two types. “ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO. We will have to discuss a bit about it now.


Now, this is a question that many newbie bloggers have no idea about. Let me not confuse you. ON PAGE SEO is nothing but following all the strict SEO rules on your page. The following are what you need to do.

  • Make sure your focus keyword appears in the post title, URL structure(permalink), meta description and in the content of your post. The keyword must appear at least once in your first 100 words. The keyword density of the post should be about 3-5%. Do not spam.
  • Build internal links to your post. Adding relevant links of your own blog is a good SEO practice.
  • Add at least one outbound link to your post. Google considers your blog relevant by adding some outbound links.
  • Add relevant images and ALT tags are important when you add images. If you are good with Photoshop, try designing your own image. Do not add more images, 3-5 would be considerably enough.
  • Use all the H-tags. H1 tags, H2 tags, H3 tags are enough for SEO.


Now, the above points are what you need to follow for ON PAGE SEO. Now, what exactly do you understand by OFF PAGE SEO? The title itself tells you that. You follow some methods and use some SEO tools out of your blog page. What are those? Simple, blog commenting, building back links, promoting in every possible manner on social media, attracting viewers by doing something new, interviewing some bloggers and posting on your blog( helps out very well), guest posting, advertising your blog ( if you are okay with spending a little money), using web directories, creating campaigns on Adwords etc. These are all the methods so called OFF PAGE SEO.

The best SEO tools are not just these, but your creativity. Popular bloggers are those who attract viewers with their talent. SEO is just a little part of their blogging career. When you observe some very popular blogs, you rarely find any keywords. Try using your creativity and see the change. But, as of now, we are not popular. So, keywords and other SEO tools/plugins are our best friends. Happy Blogging.

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