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Instagram has gained more popularity as “Selfies” became popular among the teenagers. Instagram is one among the social networking apps where you can post videos and pictures and also tag them with hash tags. It’s more like a huge gallery of images and videos. The user count on Instagram has been increasing day by day and is estimated to be around 150 million active users for now. In this article, we will look on the easiest Instagram video download methods.

There are many people out here on the web who would love to save photos or videos they like. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t officially allow you to download photos or videos. As far as photos are concerned, it shouldn’t be a problem. We can simply take a screenshot of the picture and then crop it. There might be a slight decrease in the quality, of course. In case of videos, we cannot download Instagram videos from the app. However, there are some Instagram video download methods. Let us see how.

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Instagram Video Download Is Now Made Easy

You can now download Instagram videos easily with InstaGetter (app) and DreDown. These are the two best ways to download Instagram videos easily. Let us see on the process to download Instagram videos.

Before entering into the process to download videos, you must know, how to get the copy share URL of the video you wanted to download. It is very simple, but some new users of Instagram might not know it. So, to get the copy share URL of the video you want to download, follow the below steps.

  • Once you see the video thumbnail on your Instagram app, below that, you can find options to Like (Love) and Comment on the left side. At the right, you can see 3 vertical dots.
  • Click on the dots and then you get two options, “Copy Share URL” and “Report Inappropriate.”
  • Click on Copy Share URL and then the URL for that particular video will be copied to your clipboard, which you will need later to download the video.

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Download Instagram Videos With InstaGetter

InstaGetter is an Android application that allows you to download Instagram videos easily on your smartphone. InstaGetter is available only for smartphones and tablets as of now. Follow the below steps to download Instagram Videos using InstaGetter.

  • First of all, Download InstaGetter application for your device.
  • To download the videos, firstly you have to copy the URL from the Instagram app.
  • Once the Installation of InstaGetter is completed, launch the app on your device.
  • Paste the URL in the box given in the app.
  • You can see a thumbnail of the video you wanted to download.
  • On the bottom, there will be an option as “Save Video“. Click on that and your download will begin.
  • Give it a few minutes and then you can have your favorite video on Instagram available on your smartphone to view offline, whenever you want.

Download Instagram Videos With DreDown

Using DreDown is another way to download Instagram videos. DreDown isn’t an Android application like InstaGetter. It is a site from where you could download your favorite Instagram videos, totally free. Follow the below steps to download Instagram Videos using DreDown.

  • First of all, copy the URL of the videos you want to download form Instagram App.
  • Go to the DreDown homepage.
  • Simply paste the URL you copied on the box you can see at DreDown page.
  • Click on DreDown and your video will now be downloaded to your default download location.
  • That’s it. You’re done downloading your favorite videos on Instagram.

Simple Tip For Privacy On Instagram

download instagram videos

Privacy is always very important on any Social media platforms. Instagram being one of the most used application, there are also many fake profiles, spams on it. When I first joined on Instagram, I did not bother much on privacy. But, once I started uploading posts (Images & Videos), I had many fake (spam) profiles following me and liking my photos. That’s when I thought, to make my Instagram profile private.

For those who do not want any non-sense on your Instagram profile, please do make your profile private. By doing this, none can directly see your posts (if they aren’t your followers). To follow you, any user have to request for your permission. In this case, you can only accept those who you know and/or feel safe to share your posts with.

To make your profile private, Go to your Profile (click on the right last icon)-> Edit Your Profile->Enable “Posts are Private” option. That’s it. You now have your privacy on Instagram.

So, abovee are the two best Instagram Video Download methods and a privacy tip. There still are some more methods to download the videos. But, the best are what we need. So, try these two methods yourselves and have fun watching the videos offline on your smartphones or laptops. Hope this information helped you. Do not forget to subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You 🙂


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    I have seen many sites to download Instagram Videos, but the two I like are InstaGetter and Dredown.

    Dredown is an excellent website to download Instagram Videos easily in any format. It’s a fantastic site. I have used it many times, And also it will give a great response to their users.

    InstaGetter is also a fantastic App. I have used it twice, and it’s was a great experience to me.

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