After the smartphone war has started, there were many features added to each new flagship device, or even a mid-range device. As the world today is completely obsessed with capturing the moments (than living them for real), smartphone makers are way too much interested in designing (or manufacturing) the best of their reach to give their customers a DSLR feel by just using their Smartphone camera. Hence, we managed to gather 3 Best Camera Smartphone[s] under 30000 and also 2 other best camera smartphone[s] under 20000 for our readers to choose among the list, to get a real good experience with smartphone camera.

Best camera has become an essential utility in a smart phone today. To take photographs on the go like a pro, we don’t need an SLR or DSLR now a days. There are many phones in the market that have most of the functionalities that a professional camera has. Among them we picked few best phones after going through many reviews and user opinions from various trusted sources. Here is the list for you that gives you few best camera smartphone[s] under 30,000 that are worth buying.

3 Best Camera Smartphone[s] Under 30000

#3 Honor 6 plus

This flagship phone of Huawei is boxed with trinity of 8MP cameras. One is the front facing camera and the other 2 are rear cameras. Sounds interesting right? Like HTC M8, Honor 6 plus is also shipped with 2 cameras at the back for high image stabilization which offers users to take better pictures than a DSLR camera.

best camera smartphones


best camera smartphone in india

This parallel rare camera setup worked perfectly in capturing pictures at low light. In Night mode the pictures will be slightly merged with other elements, but it is better to use a tripod, since the shutter speed will be reduced. And In daylight, the duo cameras work like a charm. Considering all the facts, features and also the image quality captured through Honor 6 Plus, this smartphone can be ranked at position 3 among the Best Camera phone[s] under 30,000.

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#2 Oppo Find 7

Keeping its looks casual, Oppo Find 7 silently won the game among the best brands. Find 7 is really a special camera phone with built-in 13MP Sony IMX214 CMOS sensor camera, and is capable of taking photos that a 50MP camera can do.

best camera smartphone under 30000
Normal Mode Image Quality


best camera smartphone under 30000
Ultra-HD Mode Image Quality


Wondering how? Its a software tweak in Find 7 developed to capture high resolution photographs. Find 7 still runs on Jelly bean 4.3 but the images it captures are real good. The tweak lets the device clicks 10 continuous shots with lightening speed, selects the best ones, and then combines them into high resolution 8160×6120 photo that can take memory upto 10MB. This also works with front facing 5MP camera which is lot helpful while capturing selfies with your shaky hands. Pretty awesome. Isn’t it? These features let the Oppo Find 7 reserve its place in the list of best camera smartphone[s] under 30000 in India.

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#1 LG G3

LG came up with some innovative features for its G3’s 13 MP camera. The dual-tone flash looks like it has been crafted off from the iPhone 5S , but the laser auto-focus is a real innovation that we’ve never seen before in a smartphone camera.

In bright daylight conditions, the LG G3’s camera performs well and its 13MP sensor captures a lot of detail. You can crop a fair amount in the captured picture without fear of reducing the image quality. The Secondary (Front) camera is 2.1MP true selfie-cam that comes with lot of improvements in aperture to capture perfect picture even in low lights. When compared with Samsung Galaxy S5, Lg G3 at a glimpse might not be very effective but the images appear to be more true and realistic. The below image shows it all.

Best Smartphone under 30000

Among all the above 3, Oppo Find 7 is good to buy because of its innovative camera concept that really does save a lot of money you spend for buying a DSLR to capture quality photographs. It is the world’s best camera phone under 30000 INR, that is capable of taking pictures with 50Mp (8160×6120). LG G3 is nowhere less but when price comes into consideration, G3 is bit expensive comparatively.

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So, do you need to really spend around 30000 to get the best camera smartphone in India? Not necessarily. We also have 2 other smartphones that are really good at capturing pictures at a better quality and surprisingly, they are under 20000. Why do we still have to wait, let us check out them now 😀

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Best Camera Smartphone[s] under 25000

#1 OnePlus One

OnePlus One is an excellent phone and there is no doubt about it. It gives the performance and specifications of a 2014 flagship phone at less than half the price as compared to its competitors. This phone is built with 13MP Sony’s F2 lens on the rear.

best camera smartphone under 20000

The above image is one sample of OnePlusOne camera performance in Lowlight.

best camera smartphones

The above image portrays the OnePlusOne HDR mode image quality.

The image quality is pretty good in almost all conditions but the colors appear to be little more contrasted in sunlight. The OnePlus also has a dual-LED flash to help out in dark conditions, but it’s not a new-fashioned two-tone LED to help maintain decent colors. In the front, it has a 5MP selfie: video calling cam. It won’t offer the image quality of a good 5MP rear camera – everything gets a bit grainy zoomed-in. But among the remaining rivals at this price OnePlus One managed to be latest best camera smartphone slightly above 20000.

For the users, OnePlusOne is not exclusive to Amazon. It is also available on Flipkart at convincing rate. As OnePlusTwo is nearing its release, the price drop might be natural and there’s no reason for you to worry, until you are in need of a service center. OnePlusOne is accused of not having enough service centers across India. And for those cities which have the service centers, severely failed to gain the customer satisfaction with very bad servicing policies.

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Best Camera Smartphone Under 20000

#1 Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4 is a solid smartphone with high-end configuration waving the tech giants. It is shipped with 13MP camera Sony Exmor IMX214 sensor. The overall quality of pictures in day-light is very good. The front facing camera is of 5MP and has a special feature called Age Detection. This might not be very accurate but the results are truly good. The mode of camera changes implicitly by the range of age you are in. For instance if your age is 50 yrs, the camera tries to remove wrinkles from your face. Below are few sample images from Mi 4.

latest best smartphone under 20000


latest best smartphone under 20000


Still, not everyone is convinced that Xiaomi deserves all the name and success it has earned, but all the gadgets from Xiaomi are best in quality as the other companies. Only thing that differs is “Brand Value” which probably might still take some time. So far Mi4 is the best camera smartphone under 20000. After the price drop, it stands at a reasonable price for the users to avail it. Mi 4i is its successor and is available at a cheaper price, and you might consider looking at it as well.

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Hence, you now have the 3 best camera smartphone[s] under 30000, as well as other 2 best camera smartphone[s] under 20000 – 25000 to choose. These 5 on the whole, are the best camera smartphone[s] in India for now. Let us hope for the best in the coming days. If you like our work, please Subscribe To Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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