Windows Phone store was once with very minimum number of apps for the users. As the user base increased, so did the applications. However, in race with Android or iOS, Windows OS is still lagging behind. For whatever might be the reason, we are not concerned with it right now. With less number of apps on Windows Store, it is hard to find some best apps for windows phone. To reduce the stress of finding some best apps for windows phone, we are here to give you the list, based on selected categories.

Best Apps For Windows Phone Based On Category

best apps for windows phone

Finding best windows phone apps is quite a task. We did that for you. You can just select those apps that suit you and install them on your device.

Browsers : Opera Mini & UC Browser

Windows phone lacked the power of browser experience with its built-in browser. Android has multiple options like Chrome, Opera, UC Web, Torch etc. However, for Windows Phone users, there is a good news. Opera Mini browser, after being in the  beta testing for a long time, has finally arrived for complete use for the users.

  • Opera mini is one of the best browser for faster and lighter access. Now, Windows Phone users can avail the same.
  • Also, in addition to Opera Mini, there’s UC Browser also available for the Windows Phone users to have a great experience with downloading video files of larger sizes.

Games: Asphalt 8, Power Cricket T20, Dead Target:Zombie

Best games for windows phones are the above mentioned list. Of course, there still are many other games, which I might dislike and you might like. But, the games that were accepted by most of the users are the above mentioned three.

  • Asphalt 8 needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and best windows phone game ever.
  • Power Cricket T20 is good for time pass. There aren’t too much graphic details in the game, but it is worth playing. For those who miss the fun of having Stick Cricket on Windows Phone, this is the best available alternative.
  • Dead Target:Zombie is a routine zombie game but with a slight modification. The zombies in the game are all dressed up like a Santa Claus which is a quite refreshing sight to play with Zombies đŸ˜‰

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Best Windows Phone Apps

Other than the above two categories, there are few apps which is worth installing on your Windows Phone. At few instances, these apps help you a lot. Let me give you the list with briefing, so that you could understand whether you need them or not, for yourselves.

  • Adobe Reader: 

Adobe reader is one among the best readers in the market. For pdf files, it stands the best. Installing it on your Windows Phone will let you access all the documents saved on your device. However, you cannot directly transfer the available documents through Adobe without having an Adobe account.

  • Money Graph: 

Money Graph is similar to the concept of Wallet app on Android Playstore. It allows you to store all your income, expenditures and gives you a graph on the Net Balance. It will be useful for you to keep track of every single penny you spend, provided you update it immediately with the details. At the end of the month, you easily can check in what areas you’re spending more and can control it, if you’d want to.

  • Advanced English Dictionary: 

Who doesn’t need a Dictionary? In Android, app is the best of all, though it needs Internet connectivity to function. Likewise, we have this Advanced English Dictionary which runs real smooth without internet access on the device. It is one of the best available offline dictionaries on the Windows Store.

  • Files: 

Files let you transfer the apps or images, videos, songs or whatever it is on your Windows Phone. Files is the Windows Version of File Manager available on Android. Windows Phone users missed it and kinda hated the Windows Phones at the beginning for not having File Manager. And now, here you go. The Files app works perfectly fine with no issues and is compatible with all Windows Phone models.

These are the best apps for Windows Phone as of now. The apps were personally handpicked based on the requirements of an user on daily basis. However, the opinions & requirements may vary. Whatever it is, the basic required apps are mentioned above. Feel free to mention what you think are the best apps for Windows Phone. If you like our work, please do Subscribe to Interest Waypoint. Thank You.

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