There isn’t anything new for me to tell you about Facebook, isn’t it?. After all, it is one of the most used social networking sites. But, I’ve got sad news for Android smartphone users. Almost all Android users use the Facebook’s official apps Facebook & Messenger, isn’t it? In that case, you might probably are prone to experience your smart phone’s battery drain faster.

Facebook’s official app drains more battery than you could expect. Normally, if you are not in dire need of saving a few minutes/hours of battery, this wouldn’t be a big concern for you. But if you want to add few more hours to your battery, you should straight away uninstall the two Facebook’s official apps: Facebook & Messenger.

Well, it is not so easy, right? You are so addicted to accessing Facebook on the app and you can’t just get rid of them immediately, can you?

Don’t you worry! There are alternatives to Facebook app for Android. I am here to give you the best available alternatives to accessing Facebook on Android smartphone, without the two official apps.

Best Alternatives To Facebook App For Android

best alternatives to facebook app

There are few alternatives to Facebook. Accessing it on UC browser is one good option to consider, but I believe that it isn’t what you are expecting from me here.

Luckily, there are few applications available on Google Play Store for giving you quite the comfort of accessing Facebook in an app. Let us see what they are.


  1. Toffeed For Facebook

Toffeed for Facebook is a wrapper for the mobile site. It simply loads the same view of the mobile site in an app. It is almost similar to using the mobile site in a browser. Few modifications in the navigation bar are what you can see in Toffeed.

However, the inconvenient part is, you cannot see messages & friend requests in the direct home screen like you do on the Facebook’s mobile site. You need to click on the navigation gear and click on messages to check your messages.

  1. Metal For Facebook & Twitter

Metal is yet another alternative to accessing Facebook on Android smartphone other than the official battery sucking apps. The best part in Metal is, you get to access Facebook and Twitter in one single app. Isn’t it cool?

Also, the Dark Theme in Metal app is intriguing, I must say. You must definitely give this app a try if you are active on both Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Tinfoil For Facebook

Tinfoil is another alternative to the Facebook official app. Tinfoil is also available for Twitter. Tinfoil for Facebook is quite the same as the Facebook mobile site. Unlike Toffeed, there is no issue with accessing Messages on any page you are at.

However, sometimes it takes a little time to load the content, just like the official Facebook app. Considering the fact that Tinfoil is light weighted and less battery consuming, it wins over the official app.

  1. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is the last alternative you could opt for. It sure does use fewer data and occupy lesser size, but the UI is not appealing. However, there are many satisfied users of Facebook lite. This could be the best alternative to Facebook if you are on the 2G network.

Round Up

All the above-mentioned alternatives to Facebook Android app do not need a separate app to access Facebook messages. Opting to use these alternatives to accessing Facebook by ditching the official apps is a good choice. You save a lot of space, and also can improve your smart phone’s battery performance.

If you are not sure, just try using any of the apps mentioned above for a few days before you actually uninstall the official app. In case if you didn’t like the experience, there’s nothing to worry about. But, it is definitely worth giving it a shot.


  1. Nice article about Facebook alternate apps but Facebook real app is far better than alternate apps. I have used Facebook alternate apps but I wasn’t happy with alternate app.

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