Reminiscing in the past does no good, but today is a today to dwell in the past, thank all the freedom fighters, and be grateful to be born in a country as diverse as India. Traders of England established their base in India by 1700’s. After colonization and rapid industrialization by East India Company through rapid infiltration of military, India and its citizens were left with almost next to none freedom in expression, work or any form for that matter. National treasures were replenished by traders of England. The state of affairs in the country was in jeopardy. The then rulers were disoriented, which led to crumbling rule over native states. Soon, the traders began to exploit this weakness and rapidly established their rule throughout India; which led to national outcry. India and her citizens was treated as a slave. Similar to the apartheid situation in Africa.


    In the meantime there was rampant International issues as well: World war, Industrialisation etc. However, let’s leave complex history for another day. To put it in a sentence: “India, was in need of Independence”. Back were times where if the rulers sensed a rebellion they’d impose punishment of the highest order that’d put rest of the rebellion into utter non-existence. This troubled every living soul. Co-existent working culture would have been acceptable. Slavery not! Humiliation on the basis of race, colour and religion was rampant during the British rule. This led to localised struggle for Independence. Many leaders sacrificed their lives for the noble cause: To attain Independence, imbibe a sense of unity among citizen of India.  Mahatma Gandhi, who is highly regarded as the Father of the Nation and respected worldwide for his simplicity, dedication was the founding father for India’s independence. He was jailed several times for being a protesting against the British. Through his continual persistence he was able to attain, what others failed to attain. 
INDEPENDENCE. On August 15, 1947, India was declared Independent; the British rulers reverted to their nation.

People involved:

From this whole endeavour we can learn that if one is dedicated and committed to a cause, there’s no holding you back. What if M.K.Gandhi, didn’t fight enough for India’s independence. Chances are we’d be still working in the homes, kitchen of British rulers. A singleton thought changed our entire way of existence. Such people stands as an inspiration to the whole world. Remarkable changes can be acquired thorough taking a leaf or two from the life of M.K.Gandhi.

Be the Change:

So, this Independence day, stress on: “What is your contribution to your country?” not the other way around. Be vigilant, honest and committed to improve India. Our wealth of natural resources, technical stalwarts, and warmth stands as a living proof that there’s scope for immense improvement. Providing safety for women, better healthcare facility, helping the downtrodden should be the prime focus of citizens of India. Change happened through M.K.Gandhi. Let your name be written in the golden books of history, do something remarkable that, world take notice. Honor India for her achievement. On this 66th year of Independence, be humble, be rooted to your motherland.

Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind!